Second Online Conference of PTI Experts Group

Saturday, 05 April 2014 17:44 |
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We had our second online conference of PTI Experts Group on Sunday, 30th March 2014. Special thanks to Asad Umar for joining us, and to the presenters for wonderful work.

Here is a brief recap:
- Sheba and Khurram presented on 2014 hackathons organized by Code for Pakistan. They updated Asad on Lahore and Peshawar hackathons and requested to help drive adoption of in KP. Code for Pakistan is a non-political organization focused on solving civic problems in collaboration with governments and general public.
- Assad Safiullah presented on Youth Mentoring program initiative. The goal is to leverage the expertise of overseas Pakistanis to mentor the Pakistani youth.
- Sohail Iqbal presented on Ilm o Adab org he and his friends are running. Ilm-o-Adab is a non-political organization focused on helping uplift government schools in Pakistan. The purpose was to provide a success story to PTI leadership which can prove as a precedent to Imran Khan's idea of overseas Pakistanis helping KP govt with running schools.
- Aamir Mumtaz discussed the PMO project and validated assumptions.

Asad Umar gave feedback on all presentations. He explained the complaint management cell working in Islamabad and how it takes the complains of citizens and follows up with govt departments. He expressed his pleasure with youth mentoring initiative, as it augments with islamabad Knowledge City project. For efforts like Ilm o Adab, he appreciated them and asked to consider the scalability aspects as we take it to KP govt.
He also gave an overview of the current PMO effort in progress in KP. Basically, KP govt has hired a consulting firm to help setup program management office and work is in progress currently.

Overall, it was an excellent event and it was heartening to hear about the progress being made on ground, and the enthusiasm of overseas Pakistanis.

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