Rebirth of Pakistan - Karachi Jalsa Journey

After PTI's Jalsa at Minar-e-Pakistan on October 30, 2011, the nation changed forever. The Youth of the country took ownership of Pakistan and Imran Khan became the symbol of change. This video shows the historic times around Karachi Jalsa of 2011 at Mazar-e-Quaid. Best of times for Pakistan and its people ... the HOPE had arrived!

Once upon a time in Pakistan

Once upon a time in Pakistan, there was this Josh e Junoon among the Youth who changed Pakistan forever. The awareness that Imran Khan created and the belief that we can change our country was priceless. We didn't win Elections 2013 but we are coming back in 2018 to finish the job!

Inside the Container - Azadi Dharna Documentary

126 days of Dharna changed Pakistan forever. The resilience shown by Imran Khan and the people of Pakistan to stand against Election Rigging was historic. People began to question VIP protocols, the status quo lived in fear and at the end, Imran Khan exposed the nexus of evil in Pakistan. This documentary by Hamza Ali Abbasi shows the historic times we lived in. This was the start of Go Nawaz Go movement!

MNA PTI Dr. Shireen Mazari Speech in National Assembly on FATA

MNA PTI Dr. Shireen Mazari Speech in National Assembly on FATA