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‪CM KP Mahmood Khan & Finance Minister Taimur Jhagra on Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 100 Days Agenda

To be unveiled on 14th December with Prime Minister Imran Khan. Throughout this week, we will engage with you, and tell you our plans. Tell us what you think. We'd love your feedbacks.‬

100 days unprecedented perfomance revitalised economic growth of Pakistan.

Many discussions regarding the deteriorating situation of Pakistani economy have lost surface when dozens of MOUs are signed with in 100 days of newly elected government.

Public Opinion about the performance of the government of PTI

Public Opinion about the performance of the government of PTI

A comprehensive report on the first 100 days of PTI.

The Nation must know that this leadership will take the country to the heights of glory with hard work and honesty.PTI govt made itself accountable to the public by setting a straight target of 100 Days and then working devotedly on it

The performance of foreign office in first 100 days.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi, the perfect voice of Pakistan! A man of high honour and dignity who preferred to give up his office position in 2011 rather than pleasing his counterparts in United States over ‘Raymon Davis case’. This high moral man earned massive respect for not hesitating even for a single second to stand by his nation in the hour of need. Today, we see him delivering a strong and...

A detailed video report on 100 days of PTI Government.

A detailed video report by PTV on 100 days of PTI Government.

Minister of Information Fawad Chaudhry's performance in the first 100 days.

A tribute to Fawad Chaudery, a front line solider of PTI and a sitting Minister of Information and Broadcasting. A highly capable, young energetic man from Jehlum who has successfully materialized the vision of his leader Imran Khan, advocated on and shaped corruption drive, dealt with opposition’s baseless propaganda with iron fists and has the nerves to deal with naysayers. Here is a glimps of...

Finance Minister Asad Umar's performance in the first 100 days

Asad Umer, a name that needs no introduction, is one of the most capable brains in PTI. Our words are not enough to explain the attributes this legend holds. With great power, comes great responsibilities and that’s exactly what Asad Umer took upon himself when he was sworn in as the Minister of Finance and Revenue. At the time when Pakistan’s economy was an all-time low, this iron-nerved man...

100 Days Progress - The performance of Murad Saeed

100 Days Progress - The performance of Murad Saeed as the minister of state for communications.