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مرکزی انفارمیشن سیکرٹری

ڈاکٹر جواد احمد محمد

Dr Jawad Ahmed Mohmand Born on 21st april 1988 is a graduate of Khyber Medical College affiliated with Insaf Doctors Forum from 2014 & prior to that with Insaf health forum from 2011. He served as President Insaf Health Forum Khyber Medical College from 2012-2013 and director Blood Wing KMC . Dr Jawad is known in Doctor community for his strong stance on MTI-Reforms & one of the most vocal supporter of devolution of Powers in Health sector in KP

سینٹرل پریزیڈنٹ آئی ڈی ایف پاکستان

ڈاکٹر جواد واصف

Graduated in 2014 from khyber Medical university. Started his career in pti as head of medical students wings in insaf health forum from 2009-10,serve in insaf doctors on different posts. He is currently working as President IDF Pakistan. He has played a key role on front line for Health reforms in kpk

عہدیدار یونیورسٹی آف ہیلتھ سائنسز لاہور

ڈاکٹر شہزاد حسین گل

Dr shahzad Hussain Gul  is Distinction holder from UHS Lahore ,central vice president IDF Pakistan Ex sports sec Lahore Ex executive member IYF dist Mianwali

صدر پنجاب انصاف ڈاکٹرز فورم

ڈاکٹر محمد عباس خان

Dr. Muhammad Abbas Khan was born in 15 March 1990.He is currently serving as President Insaf Doctors Forum Punjab.He also remained Vice President IDF Central & Spokesman.


He also remained executive member of Insaf Students Federation while his graduation. Dr. Muhammad Abbas Khan is ideological & sincere follower of Imran Khan & Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf.He started his political career with PTI since 2007.His services for the party ,when it was in growing phase, are unforgettable.Collective efforts of all PTI workers will become fruitful & dream of Naya Pakistan will come true.

سینئر وائس پریزیڈنٹ

ڈاکٹر انیسہ فاطمہ

Dr. Aneesa Fatima Senior Politician PTI, Senior  vice president Insaf Welfare Forum Pakistan member of central exective Comittee ww Pakistan , A Consultant Gynaecologist and Obstetrician by profession, Dr. Aneesa is also currently serving as Director Clinics TB Association of Pakistan .


Dr. Aneesa Fatima has  served as Welfare Secretary PTI Punjab and currently runs a  Charitable Welfare NGO. Being Senior Vice President Insaf Doctors Forum since 2013 and  extensively involved in Health Related Welfare Projects throughout Punjab and holds a strongly stands  for Doctors Rights and Patient Welfare in Pakistan . Her services range from delivery of hundreds of Free Medical Camps, Health awareness Workshops, Medical Education including Free Medical... FULL PROFILE


Feb 8th, 2018
​پریزیڈنٹ انصاف ڈاکٹر فورم ڈاکٹر جواد واصف اور سیکرٹری جنرل ڈاکٹر سعید مصطفی کی سربراہی میں ٹیم انصاف ڈاکٹر فورم نے جناب جہانگیر خان ترین صاحب سے لودھراں میں ملاقات کی جس پر جہانگیرخان ترین صاحب نے لودھراں میں دو روزہ فری میڈیکل کیمپ کے...