KP health department surges, leaving some long lasting impacts for the Awaam of KP.KP buys medicines at prices lower than Punjab and transferring them to patients without any cost.Furthermore ,KPK government is utilizing a software to keep track of the medicines being dispatched across the province.Keeping the increasing percentage of cancer patients in mind,GOKP is winning hearts by providing free treatment to poor patients. The Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa launched Sehat Insaf Card,the first ever service of its nature,to provide relief to the poor patients as GOKP prefers Human Development over any other thing ! Patients get free treatment 24/7 under Sehat Insaf Card, patients are also getting state of art diagnostic services .GOKP to provide free treatment to 1.8 million families at the cost of Rs5.4 billion over a period of two years.Moreover,he government will also provide health insurance to employees, in line with their grades. Improvement of human capital is the best investment!