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Senior Member

Aizaz Asif

Aizaz Asif is a senior member of PTI. Mr. Aizaz Asif is among the leading public policy/finance and governance specialists in Pakistan. With over 15 years of experience, he has worked with leading international and national organisations in Pakistan .He was one of the 4 young deputy secretary generals of PTI. 


Apr 13th, 2018
PTI leader Malik Akhtar Shahbaz Awan submits his application for the ticket from PP 23 Chakwal 
Feb 3rd, 2018
Bhalwal , Union Council Salam: Tehsil President Youthwing Aqeel Akram Jaspaal holds a meeting regarding the by-election in PP 30. The Candidate for PP 30 Rao Sajid Mehmood was also present in the meeting.  
Jan 27th, 2018
Attock : Insaf Youth Wing Hassan Abdal holds a youth convention. Coordinator PTI North Punjab Mohsin Hasnain Malik , President Insaf Youth Wing North Punjab Ziad Khaliq Khyani , Senior Vice President Azam Ali Khan , President youth wing...
Jan 24th, 2018
President PTI North Punjab Amir Kyani meets Arsalan Aziz Khan ,Member CEC. Coordinator PTI north Punjab Mohsin Hasnain was also present at the meeting.  Mr Kyani got a briefing about NA 54, PP 9, 10 , NA55 and 56 ,PP 12 and...