May 20th, 2018
Jahangir Khan Tareen Speech at Launching Ceremony of 100 days agenda of PTI (20.05.18) He talks about how professionally this agenda has been drafted and how PTI will implement this after coming into power. 
May 20th, 2018
Asad Umar’s speech at the economy in 100 days agenda of PTI
May 20th, 2018
Imran Khan reveals the 100 Days Agenda of PTI Govt.   100 Days Agenda of PTI Govt by Insaf.PK on Scribd PTI 100 days Agenda in Urdu by Insaf.PK on Scribd
May 20th, 2018
Chairman Imran Khan’s speech at 100 days agenda of PTI govt I want to first and foremost congratulate Taimoor Jhaagra; for the first time in our 22 year history we are going into an election with so much preparation. We have a 100 day...
May 20th, 2018
Live Updates: Imran Khan's Speech at 100 Days Agenda ceremony  Clik here to watch live I want to first and foremost congratulate Taimoor Jhaagra; for the first time in our 22 year history we are going into an election with...
May 20th, 2018
Click Here to watch the ceremony live First 100 days plan of PTI after forming the federal Govt.  Policies and not rhetoric; for the first time in our recent history will a leader be presenting a detailed 100 day plan to...
May 18th, 2018
Chairman Imran Khan leaves for Islamabad after his successful Lahore visit on May 18th, 2018
May 18th, 2018
New Joinings: Jafar Khan Laghari, Dr Meena Jafri and Ex Senator Mohsin Khan Laghari have joined Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf on May 18th, 2018.  Jafar Khan Laghari is the MNa from NA 194, Dr. Meena Jafri is the Ex MPA and Mohsin Khan...
May 18th, 2018
Imran Khan Addresses a Ceremony in Lahore - 18 May 2018
May 18th, 2018
In the memory of Zahra Shahid Hussain - The lady who stood firm  She was shot the night before re-polling in 43 polling stations of NA-250 Karachi on May 18th, 2013. She was the Senior Vice-President of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s...
May 17th, 2018
As the wave of change moves ahead, more and more politicians are joining Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. The members who joined PTI today are as follows: Members national assembly Ghulam Bibi Bharwana, Sahibzada Nazir Sultan , Col....
May 16th, 2018
Coln. Ghulam Rasool Sahi and Mohammad Afzal Sahi join PTI today at Bani Gala after meeting Chairman PTI Imran Khan