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Vice President PTI Greece

Ch Qasim Ali Bhatti

Ch Qasim Ali Bhatti is the Vice President PTI Greece

General Secretary PTI Hong Kong

Iftikhar Khan

Iftikhar Khan is a prominent social activist and businessman in Hong Kong. His contributions for the Muslim community of Hong Kong are well known and respected. Belonging to Attock in Pakistan and having lived in Hong Kong for several decades, Iftikhar Khan has quickly become the voice of many underpriveleged Pakistanis who suffer social injustice and discrimination due to poor education or unavailability of resources.

Vice President PTI South Africa

Nasir Khan

Nasir Khan is the Vice President for PTI South Africa

Vice President Western Australia

Malik Rizwan Rasool

Malik Rizwan Rasool is the vice president of PTI Western Australia

General Secretary PTI Greece

Ch Bilal Ahmed

Ch Bilal Ahmed is the General Secretary PTI Greece

Chief Spokesperson of CM Punjab

Dr. Shahbaz Gill

Dr. Shahbaz Gill uses @shabazgil as his official twitter account 


Dr. Gill is a Ph.D. in leadership and is an academic teaching leadership and change management internationally 
He is a distinguished Tv analyst and a writer for leading English publications. Currently, Dr. Gill is the spokesperson for the Chief Minister of Punjab.

Information Secretary PTI South Africa

Rustam Butt

Rustam Butt is the Information Secretary PTI South Africa

Secretary General Western Australia

Mohammad Aamir Qureshi

Mohammad Aamir Qureshi is the Secretary General of PTI Western Australia

Information Secretary PTI Greece

Zawar Hinjra

Zawar Hinjra is the Information Secretary PTI Greece

Membership Coordinator.

Said Zamin

Said Zamin is a membership coordinator for PTI Malaysia. 

Contact: +60177356701

Email: [email protected]

Membership Coordinator

Shahzad Khan

Mr. Shahzad Khan is the membership coordinator for PTI Malaysia Chapter.

Email: [email protected]

 Contact# 006 0123511194

General Secretary PTI South Africa

Zahid Afzal

Zahid Afzal is the General Secretary PTI South Africa

Information Secretary

Syed Abid Hussain

Syed Abid Hussain is the Information Secretary of PTI Western Australia

Youth Wing President PTI Greece

Raja Ijaz Jazi

Raja Ijaz Jazi is the Youth Wing President PTI Greece

Secretary Social Media.

Dr. Arslan Khalid

Dr. Arslan Khalid is the secretary of PTI Social Media. He's a Graduate Of King Edward Medical University and an entrepreneur. He started his journey with PTI and Imran Khan more than a decade ago and actively working for the party on social media. Dr. Arslan Khalid has been the lead for PTI Lahore Social Media, Operational Lead for PTI social media team and then appointed as the secretary PTI Social Media.

Dr. Arslan Khalid has led the social media campaigns for multiple historic events; Digital Media Campaign for General Election 2018 is the most prominent one. 

Membership Coordinator

Muhammad Naeem Khan

Muhammad Naeem Khan is the Membership Coordinator for PTI Malaysia.
Contact : +60166653123
Email: [email protected]

President PTI Greece

Syed Tajmal Hussain Bukhari

Saeed Tajmal Hussain Bukhari is the President PTI Greece.

Vice President PTI Switzerland

Nasir Tarique

Nasir Tarique is the Vice President PTI Switzerland

Information Secretary PTI Switzerland

Anbrinnaz Khan Jilani

Anbrinnaz Khan Jilani is the Information Secretary PTI Switzerland

General Secretary PTI Switzerland

Mansoor Nasir

Mansoor Nasir is the General Secretary PTI Switzerland

President PTI Switzerland

Shakeel Ahmed

Shakeel Ahmed is the president PTI Switzerland