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Board of Directors PTI USA LLC

PTI USA LLC board members

Board of Directors PTI USA LLC 
Mr. Sajjad Burki (President) (281) 236 9492 
Dr. Mohammad Razaq, (Director /Treasurer)Tel: (909) 525-2504 
Dr. Aftab Hussain (VP) Tel: (571) 432-9136 
Mr. Ali Asim Khan (Secretary Information) Tel:(908) 248 2746
Mr. Qamar Zaman Khan (Director) (415) 418-9755
Ms. Kulsum Syed (Director) (202) 569 0790
Fasial Irshad (Director) (516) 510 2513  



Parvez Riaz

Contact : +1917-417-8619

Email: [email protected]


Imran Igra

Contact: +1516-642-8977

Email: [email protected]

General Secretary

Mirza K. Baig

Contact: 9179390261

Email:  [email protected]

Information Secretary

Zafar Cheema

Contact: +19174062985

Email: [email protected]


Jul 30th, 2018
PTI USA Establishes a new office in New York City