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Parvez Riaz

Contact : +1917-417-8619

Email: [email protected]


Imran Igra

Contact: +1516-642-8977

Email: [email protected]

General Secretary

Mirza K. Baig

Contact: 9179390261

Email:  [email protected]

Information Secretary

Zafar Cheema

Contact: +19174062985

Email: [email protected]

Board of Directors PTI USA LLC

PTI USA LLC board members

Board of Directors PTI USA LLC 
Mr. Sajjad Burki (President) (281) 236 9492 
Dr. Mohammad Razaq, (Director /Treasurer)Tel: (909) 525-2504 
Dr. Aftab Hussain (VP) Tel: (571) 432-9136 
Mr. Ali Asim Khan (Secretary Information) Tel:(908) 248 2746
Mr. Qamar Zaman Khan (Director) (415) 418-9755
Fasial Irshad (Director) (516) 510 2513  



Jul 30th, 2018
PTI USA Establishes a new office in New York City 
Jan 27th, 2018
A petition demanding voting rights of overseas Pakistanis was submitted by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf on Tuesday 9th January 2018. The petition was heard by a three member bench of the Honorable Supreme Court of Pakistan, headed by the...
Dec 21st, 2017
Nov 8th, 2017
Dear Members, We would like to provide you an update regarding the upcoming Intra-Party Elections (IPEs) in the USA. Overseas International Chapters Election Commission (EC) has carried out its due diligence on the members list provided...
Nov 7th, 2017