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President PTI Canada Easy

Mirza Z Chohdry

Mirza Zulfiqar Chaudhary is a Senior member of PTI Canada Team and has been working with PTI Canada since 2007.Presently, he holds office of President of PTI Canada East and one of the four elected members of PTI Canada East team.In past, he has served as the PTI Membership Coordinator of Brampton Area and has arranged successful membership drives and fund raisings for PTI.


He has served as a President of Imran Khan Foundation in Canada and his contribution in fund raisings for disaster reliefs specially for floods and earth quake in Pakistan was remarkable.

He is MBA Finance from New Mexico Highland University,USA, has MBA Marketing from Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad and BS Mathematics from Government College... FULL PROFILE

General Secretary PTI Canada

Imtiaz Awan

Imtiaz Awan is holding office of General Secretary of PTI Canada. He has been associated with PTI Canada team since long. 

He has served as the General Secretary PTI Youth Wing District South Karachi and was also holding President office of Insaf Student Federation Canada for many years. He has proven record of success of community work and had served in number of Pakistani Canadian Community Organizations in different positions. He presently is a General Secretary in a Pakistani Organization who is phenomenal in community work and in organising Pakistan IndependenceDay eventsfor many years.Allama Iqbal is his inspiration.

He is Master of Economics from University of Karachi, has Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing from Leeds Metropolitan University, UK and... FULL PROFILE

Information Secretary, East

Bushra Taimoor

Bushra Taimoor is Information Secretary of PTI Canada East. She has been working for PTI Canada team since many years. Before joining PTI Canada, she was responsible for managing PTI Women Wing in Bahrain.

She has been involved in many volunteering works for community and social causes in Canada and Bahrain which includes Walkathon for seniors, fundraising for SKMCH, donation for flood and earthquake victims in Pakistan, conducting seminars, workshops and recreational activities, organizing cultural & educational community events, raising funds for Syrian children relief and community cleanups. She had served in number of Pakistani Canadian Community Organizations as Director and presently holds Director Event Management in a Pakistani Organization.

She has Bachelor... FULL PROFILE

Vice President PTI Canada East

Khawar Chaudhry

Khawar Chaudhry is well known and prominent leaderof PTI Canada and one of the founding members in Canada who has been working for PTI Canada since 2006.

He is Vice President of PTI Canada East.He has served as the Coordinator of Hamilton Area and earlier hold office of President of PTI Canada for 3 years. He was also a Director of Pakistani Association in Hamilton and his services to the community are well recognized.

He is phenomenal in fund raisings in Canada for PTI and various other social organizations including Shaukat Khanum Cancer Memorial Hospital, Imran Khan Foundation for Earth Quake and Floods relief in Pakistan. He is the lead person who arrange Pakistani social events in Hamilton Area in Canada and has successfully arranged number of Pakistani events on... FULL PROFILE


Jun 23rd, 2018
PRESS RELEASE PTI CANADA MILTON CHAPTER May 4th, 2018: PTI Canada Milton Chapter organized inaugural Chapter meeting and extended its chapter team. The Chapter's key tasks will be to increase paid memberships, motivate people to...
Feb 10th, 2018
FOR FULL NEWSLETTER CLICK HERE   PTI Canada East has appointed the Chapters and Wings Officials. Among other tasks, the major tasks of these Chapters and Wings include the increase in paid memberships, motivate people...
Feb 10th, 2018
Mirza Z Chaudhary, President PTI Canada East on Today's Supreme Court Judgements. He welcomed SC Judgements and believe that Imran Khan is the right choice for Pakistanis.    
Feb 10th, 2018
  FOR FULL NEWSLETTER CLICK HERE PTI Canada East, welcomes the Supreme Court of Pakistan's Judgement in favour of Imran Khan, Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf which cleared him from all accusations made by PMLN. The Apex...
Jan 25th, 2018
PTI Election Commission for Overseas Chapters  Ref: PTI Ec-OIC/Election Results IPE2017-CA1/20-Nov-2017 Subject : Canada East & Canada West IPE 2017 Results  PTI Overseas Election Commission is pleased to announce...