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Who is Imran Khan and what does he actually want ?

I see a sixty five year old man, addressing to a large crowd. The crowd in thousands, standing shoulder to shoulder in blazing heat, chanting slogans, clapping and listening to him intently. The headlines moving on the red bar at the bottom of the screen call him Imran Khan.

Who is Imran Khan I ask myself and what does he want?

I see a man who conquered the world of sport and brought the trophy home; a cricketer, an all-rounder, a team player, a man behind the 1992 world cup victory. Then, I see a father of two sons who have grown up in their father’s shadow, proud of his struggle, proud of his achievements. 
I see a man who has a degree in philosophy, politics and economy; a man, to whom education of the nation holds great priority. “No country can ever flourish without emphasizing on education. All Asian tigers educated their children, the men and the women,” he says. He is a man who questions, who asks for answers on behalf of a nation that he so keenly considers his own.
I see a man making a hospital, without any government support, which generates no revenue off of the poor. I see the man, only books talk about, an angel for those battling cancer. I see a man who is a living example of ‘actions speak louder than words’, a man whose promises are believable and trustworthy because of his prior doings. “I will build hospitals in Pakistan where the poor wouldn’t have to worry about money and the rich wouldn’t have to go abroad for treatment.”
I see a man whose worldly assets are worth millions, a man to whom money has never been a problem and yet, he speaks of Pakistan’s debt as if it is his own. “We don’t have money to run the country, we are in heavy debt. I claim in front of you today that I will show you how to gather money from this nation and revolutionize the tax collection system in our country.”
I see a man who can hide behind shadows like others with immense power, and lead a life of corruption without individuals batting an eye, but he refuses to be one of them. He refuses to double what he has, refuses to engage in what can be covered up with lies. “We will stop money laundering; we will strengthen the NAB and FBR.”
I see a man who talks not of his peers or his fellow men; he talks of the youth instead. He talks of the young faces and fresh minds, souls which are yet to lead the nation tomorrow. 
I see a man who fondly addresses matters that no big or small pays heed to. He arranges meetings and seminars on people whose efforts go unnoticed, but not to him – a man who mentions the lives of farmers. “They work for the whole year and get nothing at the end. They are being exploited by the sugar mill mafia.”
I see a man who talks about giving back to the land. Do you hear me? A man who speaks about giving back to the land he walks on. “For the first time ever, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government paid special attention to the environment. The party plans to plant ten billion trees in Pakistan.”
I see a man who praises women in a country where females fight for their rights. I see a man who preaches women empowerment. I read his tweets in which the happiness of both his words and mind lies in the fact that his party is ahead of all provinces when it comes to empowering women. I see a man who just recently, initiated a historic movement where women living in Chitral were given royalty in forests. “Whatever I am today, it’s all because of my mother who made me a patriotic person and raised me to be a truthful person.”
I see a man and I ask myself about what he has done to this date. A man, just like my father or his friend, a man who makes mistakes just like any other human does and a man whose value for our nation can be deciphered on the basis of his doings. I make a summary of the man I am talking about; the only man that led Pakistan to a world cup victory, the man behind the biggest and most advanced cancer hospital of Pakistan, the man who owns the first rural area university associated with a British institution, the man who turned a seventy year old political force of ANP into ashes, a man who single handedly defeated forces like Altaf Hussain, a man who replaced PPP’s fifty year old hold in Punjab and replaced it with PTI, a man with the largest fan following, a man who I believe, cannot be summarized. 

Who is Imran Khan I ask myself and what does he want?
Imran Khan is the name of an ideology, the need of this nation. Imran Khan has been gifted with all that he needs. He doesn’t need anything from Pakistan, but Pakistan needs him. And what does he want? He wants to revamp this nation into a corruption free country, where equality is the way of life among poor and privileged, a welfare state where health and education is the right of every citizen. Recently, he announced his party’s 100 day plan after forming the government.

He often quotes “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

His words to his supporters from the hospital bed after his major accident, just before General Elections 2013 were “God has given you this opportunity. Don’t let it go. You should give change a chance. God will not take me from this world till a new Pakistan is built.”

We are yet to see what fate holds for this man but he undoubtedly is a promising, honest and charismatic leader.


Deputy Information Secretary 
Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf

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