Want a ticket? Well that requires some doing | Insaf Blog by Afshan | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf


Lots of PTI's old guard are unhappy and discontented with distribution of tickets by the party.  They rightly or  wrongly feel that they deserve the tickets and their applications have been unfairly rejected. Imran Khan has asked the aggrieved ones to file the petitions and has  promised to look into their complaints and redress the injustice if done to anybody.

While we agree that a quick overall reviewal on ticket allocation by party is mandatory by parliamentary board  given the general dissatisfaction amongst the workers, there are few facts which we shouldn't lose sight of.

We need to recognise the reality that though many of our old workers have stood unwaveringly through all the thick and thin with the party and their loyalty, probity and integrity remains out of question, some of them are still amateurs when it comes to winning elections which is itself a science to borrow Imran Khan's very words.  Many of them have sadly not still been able to grow themselves as electables.

Winning an election requires a lot of hardwork. In the modern democracies of today where we have cut throat competition for party tickets with big names and big money in the game, for the better or worse of it , every electoral ticket hopeful, to my mind should base his campaign on four prongs ::

1. Choose a constituency and dedicate your time and efforts fully to it. This means you should be visiting the area, listening to public problems , working closely with them , highlight their issues on all forums and make visible tangible efforts to get them resolved. Please take note that politics is not a part time business. You can't afford to take it as a pass time . 

2. Make your team concentrate on public relationing and media management . This is done through appearing regularly in media talks , press conferences, discussions and giving interviews to newspapers on a regular basis. This is how public knows what your views on matters of public importance arising on a daily basis are.  If you would ignore this part or disappear from the public eye for any time longer than a week, you will be risking losing your popularity . Remember ; out of sight means out of mind. Only posting on your Twitter handle or activity on Facebook alone will not suffice.

3. Keep lobbying for the ticket. Meet your party and parliamentary colleagues daily. Even those you are loathed to. They should know that you are very much in the game . Don't allow room to anyone to dislodge you. Don't cede the territory to them for a second. Any shrewd politician with the killing instinct will never lose an opportunity to replace you if it ever comes by . In fact they are waiting  in the wings like forever for a chance  to use it to their best advantage.  So stand your ground & be on your guard. 

4. Stay in close contact with your party leader, both national and provincial.  Keep them abreast with your efforts for the party and nation on all levels. Again remember , seeing is believing.  Assure them every way that your area populace backs you fully and you are worth winning. Engage with them. Demonstrate your ability to win every way. Make power shows. A way to do it is to hold jalsas and manifest the public support you command in the area, inviting the top tier leadership to observe it for themselves.

Anyone who ignores even a single of the above areas which l dont think any politico worth the salt will , is highly probable rather certain to lose the party ticket.  In that case he will have only himself and his team to blame as we are already witnessing. 

So here is us wishing you best of luck for the next time . Hope the protests end soon and we can focus our concerted efforts on electioneering as a united and galvanised party with full faith in our leadership , something without which no party can even dream of winning.