Praying alone won't help Pakistan | Insaf Blog by Ahmed Jawad | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf


I don’t know why I am convinced that prayers alone are not enough for Pakistan to become a great country. Let me explain why I stand on this point.

My Question: 

Who prayed for Israel, Singapore, South Korea, China, USA, Norway, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Denmark, Netherlands to become great countries? 

My Answer: 

Countries are not built by just praying, countries are built with education, health, technology, merit & Justice. 

Allah made these rules and He will not break His own rules no matter how hard we pray!

In the light of this, what should be our way forward?

Please stop praying alone for Pakistan. Let’s start working from basics of hard work, honesty, tolerance, merit, Justice & perseverance instead of just praying and leaving the rest entirely on our Creator.

If prayers alone could change the fate of a nation Palestine would have been free & Israel would be begging for rights from Palestine. 

Pakistan would have been superpower giving loans to China. 

KSA would have been selling weapons to Israel & America. 

Iran would have been landing on Moon. 

Egypt would have been leading Film industry ahead of Hollywood. 

Syria would have been Hub of world’s research & technology. 

Kashmir would have superseded Switzerland in tourism. 

Mark Zuckerberg would have been complaining about his visa refusal by Pakistan. 

Bangladesh would have opted to reunite with Pakistan. 

India would have been destroyed with a nuclear accident. 


Donald Trump would have been hanged like Saddam Hussain. 


Obama would have been teaching at Quaid Azam University as a Professor. 

In the End: 

Please stop praying alone for Pakistan and start working for Pakistan. 

God helps those who helps themselves for actions speak louder than words.

If an Atheist & Muslim jump into a river, only a swimmer will survive. 

Prayers should come after we have done our job. Muslims took out of context references of prayers and gave an overwhelming impression of prayers as a tool & strategy of becoming successful in life. Entire Muslim community is praying since centuries to destroy its enemies and make the muslims rule the world. Nothing happened, nothing will ever happen. Let’s change the sequence.

Allama Iqbal said and I quote:

"Amal Say Zindagi Banti Hai

Jannat bhi Jahanum bhi"