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Locals used to have doubts/reservations about PTI Karachi but seeing the respect our young leaders are receiving we can proudly say that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf has clearly changed the political landscape of the country, especially of Karachi.

Following is a Facebook post shared by 'Ariba Shahid' a local of Block-2, Gulshan-e-Iqbal commending the efforts shown by our young leader and PS-102 candidate Arsalan Taj Ghumman.


In her post she says:

Everyone that knows me is aware of the fact that I have always been the first to criticize PTI for its policies when needed. Despite my parents being strong supporters of PTI especially Imran Khan, I have always been apprehensive about him. This year, IK has decided to contest from my constituency along with four other places.

I spent the past few days confused about my vote, yet followed the news to keep myself updated so as to form an informed decision. For the past few days, however, I noticed a PTI tent/camp near my apartment. The camp was blasting PTI songs late in the evening until night.

Honestly, it wasn’t a huge nuisance for me or anyone in my neighborhood because we’ve grown accustomed to such a scene. My area was known to be an MQM stronghold. Every election, by-election, Youm-e-tasees, or jalsa, we’d have to hear Saathi day in, day out. We could never complain, or voice our opinion in this regard. Every time I’d want to raise my voice, my parents would stop me from doing so because they feared my safety. Why? Because Bhai can do whatever pleases him, and so can his “karkun”.

Anyway, on Sunday night I decided to mention Arsalan Taj Ghumman on twitter and ask him what he had to say about the loud music. I asked because the weekend was near the end and wanted to have a rough idea whether the music would continue throughout the weekday. After an hour or so, Arsalan replied asking what area, in particular, I was talking about so he could talk to his ground team accordingly. Within the next half hour, music was turned off.

Today, while on my way back from university, I was expecting to hear music as I neared my apartment, but to my surprise, there wasn’t any. After a while, I did hear music but it wasn’t as loud as the day before, nor was it playing continuously.

I feel that this is something commendable by Arsalan as he could’ve left my tweet ignored. After all, he needs to create hype for Imran Khan’s visit today. Talking to him was a humbling experience. This is the change we need. A candidate that puts people before him.

As a token of appreciation and to be better informed I decided to find out more about Mr. Ghumman. Turns out he’s done something similar before Imran Khan’s jalsa near Aladin Park. Which I must say speaks volumes about his character and dedication to serving the public. Other than that, he is present within my constituency willing to answer any questions people put forward. Therefore, he has my vote.

Lastly, even though this is off topic, I would just like to add that it is refreshing to see how the political dynamics in Karachi have changed. There was once a time no other political party could enter into my constituency. They couldn’t campaign freely, nor could they add their symbol anywhere. It’s nice to see how other parties have been able to reclaim Karachi. It’s great to see how Karachi, and in specific, my area is no longer under the “control” of a certain group. I wish all the candidates fighting good luck, and hope that whoever wins is able to play a positive role within their capacity as MNA and MPA.

Attached with this post are screenshots from the interaction Mr. Ghumman and I had, along with what I managed to dig up courtesy of Google, and Halat Updates.


Time has come to change for the better, with the support of the youth of Pakistan, we are going to make Naya Pakistan!










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