The die is cast:There's no turning back now! - Insaf Blog by Haider Mehdi | Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf


No matter how much Nawaz and company try to muddy the waters by building a narrative of establishments high handedness because he wanted to control them, the inexorable march of accountability will not stop. 

One may find our judicial system leaky or full of loopholes but even this rickety system was able to nail Nawaz so blatant and brazen was his loot and plunder. 

One may question why not others? Anyone from the army should have been trialed to begin with

Great question. And yes, why not!

But one can't travel to Lahore if you dont start the journey and stop at Soan! It's a journey.

As the Chinese say all journeys start with the first step. 

Perhaps our initial steps are clumsy, imperfect or not so sure footed, but if we are headed in the right direction and on the right path, however clumsily, we will eventually get to our goals of holding everybody accountable. Generals, Judges Bureaucracy you name it. Guaranteed!

If an institution, read the Army,  did NOT COME TO HIS AID, to bail him out. 

Or another institution refused to be bought.  Read the Supreme Court.

Or he was unable to get recourse from a former very pliant NAB as he earlier got from his toady, Ch. Qamaruzzaman.

Or he was unable to buy off the JIT and the NAB judge.

It doesn't mean he's being victimized.

It just means we are finally growing some spine here and there and have commenced our journey. 

But there's no turning back! 

Mark my words. No turning back, despite all the hoopla and the fierce resistance of these mafiosos of the status quo.

Despite playing the victim and martyr card.

There's no turning back!

And If Imran fails, then somebody else. Hopefully, he won't!

Alea iacta est. Enough is enough!