Imran Khan is one of the great people of Pakistan's history history. Cricket began to play since the age of 17th. In the same decade, he made only one house in London for twenty-five years playing cricket. He also sold his money to Pakistan and purchased a place on a Bunar hill in Bunna, which was commercial and breakfast residual. That place is high but not all built. A simple simple construction. People who have gone there know well. It's Imran Khan's total earnings that he made throughout the game playing cricket. Imran Khan put hands on Pakistan's biggest thief, but the lesser capacity was reduced to this house even though Imran Khan had made a home at London's house when he sold it or sold it. Nor do any public office holders make a corruption. Let us also tell that for the comfort of unhappy and foolish people, when Imran Khan bought a house in London, he did not make any Charity at the same time. Funding started for the Shaukat Khanam Hospital.

When the case was done in good court, Imran Khan presented all the records till the purchase of London Flat, then sold it, transferring money to Pakistan, the purchase of Buntya lands. Unhealthy and low-capacity people put a further petition on it to record the London house purchased from any money. The players do not have any business pressures to keep such old record retainments, nor do they handle the counting or clubs that make them a thirty-four-year-old account of their club or county cricketer, while they do hundreds of new contracts each year. But they say no money is available if it is lawful. So far a few hours ago, Sussex County has also provided all the banking records of the payments made to Imran Khan, which will be submitted to the Supreme Court tomorrow. So again, in this case, the NN League will come out of the Supreme Court to get a call on its mouth. And Imran Khan, whose example of honesty, gives the whole world, will come to us more clear.

Those who were accused of Imran Khan and in constant support of the proved thief like Nawaz Sharif, they also have the chance to die that their leader, who is the world's largest businessman, and Jeddah Pasha More than the rich, his mini-mini-trailer picked up a row prince, which himself screwed, but there is a single receipt of a cricketer who did not have the special need to keep the record-retaining record.