If you do not know what you're doing, then do not worry
If you do not know what you're doing then,
Tomorrow PTI asked social media activist Salar Sultanzai to ask questions for a long time by holding the Federal Investigation Agency, Salar was today being asked to present his laptop and mobile phone. (Allah knows best where the Salar is the same time and the news has been received by the FI) I still do not know what the FIA ​​asked questions from the salar and what record he had recorded today Wanted to do, but a salar tweet has shown that a journalist told that a list has been released, including his name with other workers, Salar told in a tweet that the FIA's laptop Want to check top which has nothing other than its personal photos, Salar is the leader of Tehrik-e-Insaf and the workers who meet the workers. Expressed satisfaction.
The government has decided to crack crack on social media through a major operation against the Polynicist Act, and earlier it was hot news and the government's instructions to follow the FIA ​​and ultimately the Salar Sultan Zai became his first target and the government's horrific conspiracy took place. We do not even know how many people have been arrested except for the salary.
The Nungegi government, which faces severe discomfort in the Supreme Court on Panama Laxus, is in danger of serious aggression and the arrest of political workers reminded Dictator Zia when the expression, speech and transmission was banned, the constitution was suspended and these days, The dictator was running the government through the rules of custom, using the government institutions to unite the political opponents. By establishing an Amar Raj, he suspended the Constitution Pakistan with a ban on the Pakistan border. Even though they had to digest, then the government champions the democracy How the constitution is not suspended, but the suspension of Article 19? Although the democratic speakers themselves are also signing a symbol of democracy in which everyone had agreed unanimously that the Constitution would be held, but it is not exactly that, according to article 19, every Pakistani has the right to freedom of expression and access to information. The government's steps have proved that these are all the bibliographical things, but nothing else. What was the reason for the dictatorship of the dictatorship of political dictatorship so that they had to hold the constitution with the Constitution? (People's Party and the new League's present governments have shown their performance, their original purpose is nothing but government monkey sharing).

The majority of young people of Pakistan desire that their country is standing in favor of the world's developed nations, and in the atmosphere of competition, they also accept iron of their capacities but the ruler who promotes ignorance is the biggest enemy of the country's development. Of course, the majority of youths are always aware of the political consciousness and the reading class is struggling to change the country, it is necessary for the people to have complete education and express access to information.
The world has always become a global whale through newspapers such as newspapers, mobile phones, interventions, and the mass media works through social media and the world's news reaches every particular and common in the world. Many revolutions of the same social media appeared to be the same as the main motives of people who belong to social media. This honor only in Pakistan is the only achievement of the movement of Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) that when Imran Khan was active in the posting of change in street streets, with his social media team, he was accompanied by PTI's social media team. There has been a movement in the political movement of some people and thus has become a movement of millions of people. This is why the opponents get rid of it. Sometimes people claim that they are the largest parties in the country, so they are doing their lives for survivors, therefore there is no other political leader among Pakistan, whose popularity is more than Imran Khan, but most of the social media It's only Imran Khan's most expensive

The social media of the Tehreek-e-Insaf is bound to the regular code of conduct and all members joining the Social Media team are given important tasks only by keeping regular training steps, keeping their minds focused on their feet and on their feet They work and set the movement message. Since the case of Panama Lexus has emerged, government officials have been behind the social media, sometimes it is said that the Facebook Zoo will be imprisoned once Facebook is closed. By imposing a lot of country hostility by the government, it is nothing but the government's misdeed to start operations against the PTI's social media team.
The movement of the martyrdom of martyrdom is already inaccessible with nominal conditions and the government is competing on every issue, this new series of arrests can not eradicate the workers' emotions. All the steps to pressure the PTI actress So that the attention of people should be moved towards someone else, because of the political defeat and embarrassment of the government, the government does not understand what to do. The activists of the Tehreek-e-Insaf's activism, with courage and courage, are attached to their goals with their motive, they say they will never be able to retain their purpose. I liked a salary of a salon which I am copying here.
It is very difficult to find in our way
We did not come from the destination nor did we change the way
It is worthwhile now our endurance
No less than us, we did not change the leader.