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In this document, 'we' represents the web team at - specifically the Admin Team of the website. 'Official' refers to an office-bearer of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf who is appointed or democratically elected as a representative in certain area/locality/region within Pakistan or abroad; for example, a Coordinator, President, General Secretary, Information Secretary etc. 'You' represents the users browsing the website or using any of its services such as posting any content.

We at are committed to protect the privacy and ensure security of the members of this website. Following is our online privacy policy:

(a) Information Collection and Disclosure:

The data we collect from members is required for day to day proceedings of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). Following sub-sections would clarify WHAT type of information we collect, WHY we collect that data, and to WHOM it is disclosed.

(i) Personal Information:

Personal infromation such as First Name, Last Name, and Gender are collected to identify members. We have women wing in the party and women officials need to reach out to female members on our website, and thus we need to sort out data based on gender. Other personal information such as Date-of-Birth and NIC (National Identity Card) number are optional, and will be helpful to party, for example, to analyze how many members are elligible for vote based on their age and whether they have NIC numbers. Moreover, in case if a member is being evaluated for a higher rank or appointment in they party, this information may also be used to check background of the person before he/she is officially appointed.

(ii) Contact Information:

The party officials need to contact members of their locality and region on various issues, which include regular party meetings, fund-raising events, demonstrations, and so on. Such contacts could be done via phone numbers, mobile phone numbers, and mostly emails. Moreover, we try to keep members updated with new advancements in the party and the contact information is used for informative purpose too.

(iii) Address/Location Information:

The mandatory information we need is Country, Province/State, and City/District. This informaiton helps us to analyze data demographically and allows the regional officials to keep in touch with members in the region they are responsible for. Other address information such as unit, street and postal code are optional and could be used, for example, to send News Letters or Thank You letters to members, or by local officials to organize regular meetings in the areas where majority of members live. Electoral information such as UC and Tehsil is used by local officials to better organize members and keep in touch with them to successfully conduct the party election campaign in the area.

(iv) Career/Education Information:

We want members to volunteer in various areas to contribute for a better Pakistan. We arrange various welfare events and projects such as medical camps, helping people in disaster-struck areas and projects like Sasta Tandoor. We need career, education and profession information to better utilize skills of members in their respective area of skills.

(v) Financial Information:

We do not capture or keep your Credit Card information. All donations on are, currently, carried out via PayPal service at However, we keep information about which subscription plan a member is subscribed to at and the transaction information of such subscriptions. It should be noticed that we are not responsible for how processes donors' credit card or personal information or if your data on is compromised in any way.

(vi) Other Information:

We log IP addresses and other client information such as client web browser name and version, which is a standard and common practice by almost all websites. This information would be helpful in case if any security incident takes place on our website. Additionally, we also log information about users' login failure/success with time of the event and whether any new user has registered with our website. This information would reveal if any user account is being targetted by attackers to break into. Moverover, different suspicious or malicious activities can be tracked through such logs.

(vii) Disclosure of Information:

Above information is primarily accessible to the Admin Team of the website. However, authorized PTI officials, including those who are responsible for various regions, are given access to members' data described above in sub-sections (i)-(iv). The local/regional officials or their approved representatives are given access only to the locality or region they are responsible for. Whereas, senior PTI officials that include members of International Steering Committee (ISC) and Central Executive Committee (CEC) will have access to members' belonging to any region or locality. Such officials can extract mentioned data from online database, and send out emails from the website to members in their area. The web team is not responsible for whoever has been appointed as an official of any region and whether proper background checks and procedure has been followed. In case if members' data has been misused by any admin or party official, the affected person is advised to complain to the senior party officials. For example, if a City Coordinator is accused of data misuse, the affected member(s) should complain to the Country Coordinator. If the issue does not get resolved, it can be escalated to the Regional Coordinator and so on. In all such matters, admins of the website should be immediately informed at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , so that they may consider whether access to data for the accused should be suspended until the issue gets resolved.

We consider your comments on forums, blogs and elsewhere as the public information and will be open to all visitors and members. Either of the 'username' or 'displayname' will be publicly visible on forums/blogs or other sections where a user will post comments.

Our website contains links to other websites for any news, articles, videos, or any other reason. Any visitor's or member's data compromise or any damage caused from such websites is not our responsibility.

(b) Children's Privacy Policy:

This website is for mature and adult visitors. We do not analyze our data whether any children have subscribed with us and may get emails from our website as a result. Therefore, we are not responsible if any emails are sent from our website that are not appropriate for young children.

We try our best to keep comments on our website to be ethical and non-offensive, however, we do not guarantee that all contents on our website would be appropriate for all visitors, specially children. Moreover, if any kids participate on forum/blog duscussions and encounter any offensive or inappropriate comments from other members, the web team is not responsible for it. However, we try our best to take action against any offensive or unethical comments posted against any member despite of their age or gender.

(c) Email Policy:

PTI officials and the web team at can send emails to members regarding party meetings, fund-raising events, demonstrations, and any party updates. We convey advisory notes to officials not to send too frequent emails to members as it could be irritating for them. All emails sent from are strictly monitored by admins and logs of all emails, showing WHO sent email to WHERE at WHAT time along with its content, are sent to admins. Moreover, all such emails are appended with a footer NOTE suggesting members where to send their complaint against a particular email, and how they can opt out of getting emails from our website. Any complaints regarding inappropriate content in an email will be forwarded by the admin team to the concerned PTI officials.

By default, all members are sent emails from our website, except those who select the checkbox for 'EmailConsent' on registration form which states that they DO NOT want to receive any emails from Moreover, members can any time edit that option in their profile. In order to edit that option, a member should login to her/his account at and click on the 'Display Name' which is located beside the 'Logout' button/link. The member then should click 'Manage Profile' link which will allow her/him to edit profile information including the EmailConsent' checkbox. Since all members have capbability to opt out from getting emails by editing their profile, the web team is not responsible if members get emails even after then have sent a request to the web team to update their profile for not getting those emails. Due to a large number of members we have at our website and numerous queries that we get, we do not guarentee that such requests would be entertained.

(d) Security:

We deploy various physical, procedural and electronic measures to protect your personal information. Your information is stored on the server that is hosted with a professional web-hosting company which deploys firewall and Intrusion Detection tools to protect it. In addition to hardware-based network firewall, a software-based firewall is installed on the server to protect it from attackers. Our server is a dedicated server and thus is safe from sharing risks that may be caused from other websites and their owners or visitors. The windows software are patched automatically for any security vulnerabilities. Moreover, we incorporate security roles on our website. Members in non-privileged roles cannot access information or utilities that are only accessible to privileged roles. However, as we have not developed all software and modules used on the server, we do not guarantee of no vulnerabilities and their impact.

We have deployed SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Protocol on for 'Login' and 'Register' pages. Thus, all user information provided on these pages is protected through encryption before transferring between our server and the user's browser.

To protect Integrity, Availability and Confidentiality (of confidential data) of, the web team takes various measures including issuing warnings to malicious users/visitors, restricting their access to website services/tools, banning any access to the website etc. The web team, if necessary, reserves the right to take legal action against those who attack the web server or any of its content; whereby an attack is an unauthorized/illegal action that affects the above-mentioned security triad of integrity, availability and confidentiality.

We do not collect any credit card information on, instead any such donation transactions are forwarded to which incorporates SSL (encryption) to protect donors information during transfer of information.

While using services of or accessing links on this website you indemnify Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and the web team of of any liabilities or harm incurred financial or otherwise. Moreover, is not responsible for any damage or offense occurred to you through any of the sub-domain websites of, such as or etc.

(e) Opting out and Modifying Information:

We allow members to unsubscribe from any donation subscription plans carried out through PayPal. Members can cancel their donation subscription through their PayPal account at Since the subscribed members have the privilege to cancel their donation subscription through PayPal, they are primarily responsible for canceling their subscription if they want to. In case if the subscribers send their cancellation request to the web team or any PTI official and if that is not responded timely, the web team or PTI officials would not be responsible for that. Moreover, any donated amount will not be returned, except only in exceptional cases and as per consideration by the PTI Finance officials.

We also allow members to opt out from getting emails from our website as described in the Email Policy section. Members can un-register themselves from website by clicking on 'UnRegister' link in their profile which can be accessed via their 'Display Name' after logging in to the website. Members can also modify their profile information except their 'username' and 'userid' fields.

(f) Changes to this Policy:

We will revise or update this policy if our practices change, or as we develop new tools or services to keep you informed. You should refer back to this page often for the latest information and the effective date of any changes. If we decide to change this policy, we will change the 'Last Updated' date at the top of this page.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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