Youth of Sindh will neither surrender nor retreat in any case: Mir Ahsan [PTI Azadi March]

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PEC meeting of Insaf Youth Wing Sindh was held yesterday in Hyderabad under the leadership of Mir Ahsan Nawaz Panhwer. President Sindh Mir Ahsan Nawaz Panhwer discussed main issues of Azadi March with District Presidents and General Secretaries of all districts of Sindh. All participants of meeting assured that they will participate in Azadi March with valor.

Mir Ahsan Nawaz Panhwer said : "Youth of Sindh will neither surrender nor retreat in any case. We will participate in Azadi March on 14th August with full strength." He further added that: "Foundation of "Naya Pakistan" will be laid on 14th August & Insha-Allah under the leadership of Imran Khan youth will bring revolution on 14th August".

Adil Dayo SVP IYW Sindh said that: "Government is trying to stop our peaceful march in Punjab by placing containers on roads. It shows cruelty of this present government. We can not expect any good from this government they have looted Pakistan in past and they will try to destabilize our motherland once again" Ghulam Ali President IYW Sukkur Region said that: " We will not stop our struggle for making Pakistan free from looters who are ruling our country by winning election through rigging" Amjad Afridi said that: " Tsunami of Youth from Karachi will march towards Islamabad on 11th August. We will fight against injustice till our last breath government can not stop us by using cruel tactics."

Syed Bahar Ali Shah Regional President of Hyderabad said that: "Youth of Hyderabad region is ready for every sacrifice and we will participate in Azadi March in large number"

Atique Talpur, Adil Ansari, Aijaz Khan, Hosh Mohd Abbasi, Sajid Munawer Solangi , Manne Balouch, Mairaj Shah, Zahid Bangash, Waqar Bangash Jamil Shah, Ahsan Jamil, Adil Siddiqui, Siraj Khan and many other officials of Insaf Youth Wing/PTI were present in this meeting.