Secretary General Notifications

Secretary General Notifications

The office of the Secretary General appoints Faisal Javed Khan as Secretary Social Media

Reversal of Suspension (Dec 9th)

Tuesday, 09 December 2014 20:03 | READ MORE
Notification reversal issued by Additional Secretary General
The Secreatary General of PTI cancels the notification issued by Ms. Hina Mansoor as nulliefied and cancelled
On instructions of Chairman Imran Khan the following party members / officer holders are being suspended for gross neglect and indiscipline exhibited during the Azadi Dharna on 11th Nov 2014

OIC PTI USA LLC Membership Anouncemnet

Thursday, 06 November 2014 19:13 | READ MORE
Office of International Chapters (OIC) and PTI USA LLC is pleased to announce that Elections of the PTI USA will be held before the first half of March 2015. Any legal resident of the USA can vote or take part in PTI USA elections by becoming a paying member of PTI USA. Monthly membership fee is $10 per month ($120.00 annually). Students will pay $5 per month ($60 annually). Membership fee shall be made on annual basis.