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Insaf Youth wing wowed to fully participate in 11 May Protest
PTI Youth Wing Punjab's Press Release (April 25, 2014)  
Press Release by PTI Youth Wing Punjab (April 17, 2014)
IYW Punjab protested to remained PM Nawaz & Ruling party to fulfill their promise of bringing Dr Aafia back to Pakistan
Press Release on PTI Youth Wing Punjab Meeting
انصاف یوتھ ونگ کراچی ریجن کا تبت سینٹر سے مزار قائد تک انصاف یوتھ ونگ سندھ کے صدر میر احسن نواز پنھور، امجد آفریدی ڈویزنل صدر کراچی کی رہنمائی میںامن ریلی  نکالی گئی، اس موقع پر پاکستان تحریک انصاف سندھ کے جنرل سیکریٹری اور ایم پی ای سید حفیظ الدین، نجیب ھارون، فردوس شمیم نقوی، میر عتیق ٹالپر، مشتاق آفریدی، مولابخش سومرو، محمد عادل صدیقی، سلمان خان، سربلند، خان، سمیت 

IYW Raly for Sukkur jalsah.

Saturday, 01 March 2014 18:22 | READ MORE
A Karachi regional meeting held of PTI Youth under the leadership of Mir Ahsan Nawaz Panhwar President of PTI Youth wing sindh. The points was raised in this meeting that PTI Youth sindh will make success to the jalsah of sukkur coming on 28th Feb, in this meeting
(Insaf Youth) Lahore -- Insaf Youth Wing, Lahore arranged a successful Vigil rally to show solidarity with the Kashmir Cause on 5th of February, 2014.   The youngsters from all around Lahore gathered in good numbers and chanted slogans for the Right of Self Determination to the Kahmiri people.   The Youth Wing Lahore President Usman Hamza, Secretary Information Waqas Aslam, Ali Bobi, Saqib Sindhu and others showed their feelings for Kashmiri Muslims in their passionate speeches. They said that the world would have to accept the Right of Kashmiri Muslims.   In the end a resolution was passed in the favor of Kashmiri Muslims for their righ of self Determination.
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Youth Wing centeral leaders reached Ubauro and Mirpur Mathelo the first city of sindh province, Ali Abbas bukhari and other centeral leaders talked with media, and said that youth is backbone of the countery, if youth take stand to change, it is possible that the province can solve thier problems and social issues easily. 
It is to announce that our honorable PTI youth Central President; Mr. Ali Abbass Bukhari, and Mir Iftakhar khan (v.p PTI Sindh) dewan sachal, has been scheduled to visit the province of Sindh on the invitation from Insaf Youth Wing Sindh President; Mr. Mir Ahsan Panhwar, adil ahmed dayo, and the team
Peshawar (17 Jan, 2014): Youth Wing donated 200 blood bags for Peshawar blast victims. Party provincial leadership appreciated youth role.
Peshawar (4 Jan, 2014): PTI and its allies sit-in to block NATO supplies in protest against the US drone strikes continues in various areas of KP for the forty third consecutive day on Saturday here.
 A delegation of PTI Youth led by Central President Ali Abbas Bukhari, accompanied by Secretary General Qasim Ali Shah, Deputy Secretary General Arif Zaman, Vice-President Mazhar Fareed Watto, Secretary Information Khwaja Shams-ul-Hassan and Youth President Sindh Mir Ahsan Nawaz Panhwar visited Peshawar to condole with the Muhammad Muzammil (President Youth, District Charsadda) on the sad demise of his 18-family members in Qissa Khawani Blast, Peshawar. The delegation also paid visit to the residence of Mr. Gul Badshah (Ex-Candidate NA-1), and offered fateha for the departed soul of his mother

Youthwing central cabinet meeting

Saturday, 12 October 2013 12:26 | READ MORE
 A meeting of the PTI Youth Central Cabinet alongwith Provincial President held at KP House Islamabad presided by the Central President, Ali Abbas Bukhari, in which all participants with mutual consensus appointed Central President Ali Abbas Bukhari as Chairman, and Secretary General Syed Qasim Ali Shah as Secretary of the National Youth Council &Central Executive Council, respectively. Ali Abbas also announced Khawaja Shams-ul-Hassan as Central Information Secretary of PTI Youth.
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