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Author: Asad Mahmood This report focuses on the industrial development options open to Pakistan. However, these options need to be placed in context and to this end there are discussions about the industrial economic development... Read More
Author: Mohammad Zaheer This brief document is prepared for the general public as well as the members of the Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf. It defines and explains what is meant by economic policy and what are the various areas that need a policy review.
  Author: Muhammad Ali Nisar Economic growth and stability are the basic objectives of any government. Macroeconomic policies are formulated to achieve these economic objectives. Performance of    political administration can be easily gauged by their success in achievement of the following economy objectives:
Pakistan Economic Research Report An analysis of the Pakistan’s Economy along with other countries      Author: Asad Mahmood   The aim of the report is to analyze the current Pakistani economic state and provide guidance towards a socio economic policy in line with the manifesto of the party. An extensive secondary research was carried out examining and presenting various viewpoints. The development challenges for Pakistan include a complete overhaul of the current economic system....    

Economic Restructuring in Pakistan

Wednesday, 15 April 2009 05:35 | READ MORE
Economic Restructuring in Pakistan Author: Atif Abbas Leaders who led the feeble skeleton of Pakistans politics crippled the state by implementing economic reforms of International Monetary Fund1 (IMF) and World Bank2. By meeting their conditions, they have become powerless, as West has been using them for their own interests.