Education (2)

Author: Meinhaj Hussain Education is considered a critical and important factor for improving the condition of Pakistan and Imran Khan has already shown with Namal College how he can make a difference in this field. All hopes are that the PTI will drastically improve the condition of education in Pakistan, a step only possible through insaf and eliminating corruption. There are many experts on education available to the PTI and who are more than willing to help establish a Pakistan built on insaf. The purpose of this paper is to outline some key and lesser known aspects that may provide a different insight to the traditional.
Author: Dr. M. S. Shamshad Institutions of higher learning play a pivotal role in the development of human resources that are needed by the nation to fulfill its aspirations for social, economic, cultural, political and technological progress. It is, therefore, important for educational institutions to serve not only as repositories of learning that have the capability of imparting the requisite knowledge, values and skills to their clientele, they must also serve as instruments for national development.