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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf hosted a day honoring people with Special Needs (Persons with Disabilites on 23rd October 2014
After examining a large number of witnesses and detailed deliberation, the Tasneem Noorani Review Commission finalized its report
After repeated notices to Najam Sethi, FBR issues a detailed investigative report on how he has evaded paying taxes on his New York Properties actually questioning how he obtained this wealth to purchase these premium properties in Manahattan 
After Najam Sethi failed to provide suffiecinet evidence to FBR on their previous show cause notices alleging Najam Sethi deliberately concealed his New York Properties - FBR issues a notice on May 22nd 2013 with a 100% penalty on tax not paid.
FBR Notice issued to Najam Sethi on 31st July 2012 where they allege that they have sufficient proof that Najam Sethi concealed his two New York Properties under his name amounting to a tax evasion of Rs 20,519,466 - supporting documents reveal he did have these properties under his name - More Exposing Documents to follow in the coming days
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