PTI UAE Members Notification

Tuesday, 19 September 2017 19:13 | READ 1013 TIMES
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This notification is to inform that the person named Aurangzeb Jungle Khelvi is not a PTI executive member nor holding any position in PTI UAE.

Please see below the person's picture.

All PTI Middle East and especially PTI UAE members are hereby strongly advised not to be in touch with him since he is not authorised to act on party behalf in UAE and his actions are hereby declared as unauthorised and against the party policies.

He is issuing fake membership cards which are not linked to PTI UAE directly or indirectly. Any person who wish to be a supporter of PTI UAE should be a member and then become a part of the excutive body or be a Membership Coordiantor (MC) which allow them to act on behaf of PTI UAE. All PTI UAE supporters are advised to work with and contact only the elected body in their regions.


PTI Chief Middle East Organiser