CM KP addressed at Garrison Cadet College Kohat

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24-12-2016 CM Photo addressing at Garrison Cadet College Kohat

24-12-2016 CM Photo giving main tropy to cadet

24-12-2016 CM Photo standing in honour of national anthem

Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has said that we as a nation collectively offered tremendous sacrifices for bringing back peace and tranquility in the province. Consequently we emerged triumphant in uprooting terrorism. Our successful fight “ Zarb e Azb” operation owned by the people against the militants across the country was recognized at global level, he added.

He expressed these views while addressing 21st Parent Day function of Garrison Cadet College Kohat as chief guest here today. The ceremony was attended among others by Provincial Minister Imtiaz Querashi, MNA Sheryar Afridi, MPA Ziaullah Bangash, GOC 9 Div Major General Khalid Javed, Principal Brigadier Nadeem Akhtar Hussain, teachers and parents of the cadets in large number. The Chief Minister announced a grant of Rs.40 million for the construction of auditorium for the Garrison Cadet College Kohat. He also made some other announcement for the Garrison Cadet College including boundary wall etc and resources would be arranged through adjustment in the provincial government education funding.

The Chief Minister said that when PTI reached at the helm of affairs in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, terrorism was at its peak. Four years ago there was a suffocation and worsening law & order situation in the province while today with the blessing of Allah Almighty, peace has been restored and the people now can breathe in free atmosphere without any fear. The people suffered great losses and offered matchless sacrifices during war on terror which was now at its final stage.

The Chief Minister stressed on uniform standard of education in the country and added that “we cannot achieve the desired goals in education sans annulling class system and setting targets in this regard.” We have to understand the importance of education in the development of humanity. History provided ample evidence that the nations which have faulty education system and weak traditions were always confronted with wrong doings. The vacuum created by the faulty educated system always exposed to be exploited by wrong doers, he added.

The societies which did not concentrate on their education system were met with disaster, he said adding the weak education system in the country failed to meet the fast growing challenges of the present era. The particular anti education lobby in the country, he alleged abused this naive system for their own interest and whosoever had any power, massively used the same for building his own empire.

No one ever thought for the interest of their coming generation and instead involved themselves in hypocrisy, corruption, selfishness and other mal-practices. So much these wrong doings were being emerged in the society as a culture.

The Chief Minister reiterated in clear terms that promotion of education was the top priority of the present KP government which is the hallmark of the civilized nations all over the globe. Only the civilized nation he said could fight the forces of oppression and ensured their prosperity and development. However he said with regret that our state institutions were ruthlessly plundered in the past, adding it was the PTI which raised the slogan of true ‘Change’ and revamped the institutions over which the masses have lost their confidence during the previous regimes, he added.

Pervez Khattak said I can say with confidence that today the affairs of the government institutions in the KP were much in better positions than the previous governments.

He said said we brought radical changes in the governance system by abolishing political interferences from the state institutions and made them autonomous to deliver in consonance with the peoples aspiration. His government brought record legislations in a short period of three years for revamping institutions and blocked political meddling in these institutions so that nobody could disturb this system in future, he said adding our reforms have started yielding results and the people could feel in their day to day life.

Pervez Khattak said It was because of our policies and reforms in education sector, that today people preferred to admit their wards in government schools instead of private as we are providing equal opportunities in education. We think only education can end the difference between the rich and poor , he said and added that we have started basic English courses in the government schools so that children of poor could also be prepared for competitive examinations and they must have equal chances of development.

He said missing facilities in educational institutions have been filled to a great extent as it was a difficult task to fill the seventy years shortcomings.

The KP government he said wanted to give an education system which made good citizens who could stand on their feet in their practical lives. We believed in making investment on human beings by providing them good opportunities.

Earlier a smart contingent of Cadets presented march past to the Chief Minister and displayed their gymnastic and other skills.

Cadets showing distinction in various fields were also presented shields and cash awards. The college administration also presented a shield to the Chief Minister as memento of his visit to the College.