Defense Day of Pakistan calls upon the whole nation to renew the spirit of loyalty and service to Pakistan

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Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak has said that glorious Defense Day of Pakistan calls upon the whole nation to renew the spirit of loyalty and service to Pakistan following the footprints of Armed Forces, and pay rich tribute to valiant sons of the soil who embraced martyrdom while safeguarding the frontiers of our motherland.

In his special message on Defense Day, the Chief Minister said that on 6th September, 1965, the armed forces of Pakistan had thwarted the nefarious attempt of the enemy to safeguard the frontiers as well as sovereignty and integrity of the country. The courage and heroism they demonstrated to defeat the evil designs of a numerically large enemy is second to none in history of the nations, he added.

Recalling the jubilant triumph of the armed forces whose brave soldiers laid their precious lives for the dear homeland during 1965 war, Pervez Khattak said that celebrating this day helps us in reinvigorating the spirit of patriotism. He said that today Pakistan is confronting with multiple security challenges in shape of extremism, terrorism, and external aggression, the entire nation once again standing by Pakistan Defense Forces to thwart nefarious designs of the evil elements against integrity and prosperity of Pakistan. He said that our brave and courageous soldiers are our great asset as they not only offering their precious lives in battlefields but also undertake the responsibility of working as a cohesive force in every challenging situation, whether it is calamity of horrifying earthquakes or devastating floods. The resolve and sacrifices of our army men is a great source of inspiration for the whole nation, he remarked.

The Chief Minister said that people of Pakistan in general and those hailing from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in particular are very happy that the Armed Forces have achieved decisive gains in the war on terrorism since the launch of operation Zarb e Azb, and we have no doubt that we will prevail InshaAllah, he believed. He stressed that while we are commemorating the sacred Defense Day, we should not forget the IDPs who are facing miserable tribulations and privations with great courage and fortitude for the sake of a secure and prosperous Pakistan. He emphasized the nation to renew the pledge that we will never hesitate to stand behind our valiant armed forces or shy away from any kind of sacrifice for the defense of the motherland.