Asim Khan Says Karachi has already suffered a lot at the hands of MQM

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Karachi has already suffered a lot at the hands of MQM, Asim Khan Says No more.
Nawaz sharif should come clean about his deal with MQM on hand over of Dr Imran Farooq Killers. Bring the culprits of Badlia town FActory Fire to justice - Says President PTI UK

PTI UK in a press conference on 11th February condemned MQM chief Altaf Hussain's Misogynistic remarks against Women Activists of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf. These Despicable comments show his sick mind-set and that he has no regard for women. His offensive comments have infuriated all Pakistanis regardless of their party affiliations. Our Mothers and Sisters from UK who also attended the126 day long historic Sit in reserve the right to file a law suit against his despicable, sexist, and misogynistic hate speech.

President PTI UK Asim Khan whilst addressing a press conference with the media demanded LEAs and the government to take notice of Altaf Hussain’s yet another indirect threat to the journalists on national television on 10th of February on Kashif Abbasi’s show where he threatened all journalists who speak against him or his party.

The findings of the JIT in the Baldia Town factory fire in which at least 258 workers died reveal the true face of MQM. Asim Khan demanded that Nawaz government take concrete steps to ensure that the case is taken up as priority and that culprits be brought to justice. He mentioned that another MQM worker Abdul Rafiq (A sector In-charge) has been arrested on involvement in 12th May 2007 Karachi Massacre. It should also be noted that Rizwan Qureshi arrested on multiple criminal charges who revealed Baldia Town Details, who MQM distanced itself with on 7th of February 2015 is actually MQM worker from Society Sector 63 (According to MQMs own press release of 19th June 2013 on his arrest).

PTI UK demanded that Dr Imran Farooq’s alleged Killers who are in custody of authorities in Pakistan be handed over to British authorities for a swift resolution of the case. The two suspects are workers of MQM and Nawaz Governments lack of cooperation with British authorities shows their lack of will to bring peace and calm to the Metropolitan city of Karachi where the residents are faced with worst Crimes every day ranging from Street crimes to Extortion, abduction and Target Killings. Making reference to the issue PTI UK also demanded Nawaz establishment to disclose what secret deals they have done with MQM as they are clearly providing them protection.

He urged the British Government to take action against British subject i.e. Altaf Hussain who incites violence through his speeches that leads to terrorism in Pakistan, particularly Karachi. He further added that Altaf Hussain is using British territory to incite people to violence in Pakistan. His party is known to have an armed mafia wing which indulges in extortion, blackmail and murder. PTI UK urged British government to take action against Altaf Hussain and will follow-up the already under investigation cases of Dr. Imran Farooq Murder and Money Laundering.

PTI UK is staging a demonstration on Sunday the 15th of February at 3:00 pm at 10 Downing street against criminal activities of Altaf Hussain in Pakistan from British soil and insists that the concerned authorities and the government take swift action on the JIT against all named by the suspect.

Asim khan briefed the media that PTI UK will be writing to the British Prime minister and the home secretary in regards to the two already pending inquiries against Altaf Hussain in UK along with reference to Baldia Town factory fire and other criminal charges. He added that they plan to write to all the MPs in UK in regard to Altaf Hussain’s alleged criminal activities from the British soil.

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