New PTI USA LLC Constituted

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SG Notification # 21 dated 21st April 2014.

As per the instructions of the Chairman PTI, the following changes in PTI USA LLC, as a result of the resignation of Ms. Narjis B Ali, President USA LLC, are hereby notified.

  1. Dr. Razzaq - The current VP and Treasurer will be the new President USA LLC.
  2. Mr. Ali Asim Khan
  3. Dr. Aftab Shah

Are to be inducted as members of PTI USA LLC

The Chairman and I appreciate the selfless services provided by Ms. Narjis Ali as President USA LLC and wish her the best.

We welcome Dr. Razaq, Mr. Ali Asim Khan and Dr. Aftab Shah in their new responsibilities.

Jahangir Khan Tareen
Secretary General

Not 21 USA LLC