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Islamabad: (     ) According to the announcement made by the Insaf Students Federation (ISF), the Central President of ISF Farrukh Habib has appointed Alamgir Khan Mehsud as the Central General Secretary of the organization. Alamgir Khan Mehsud has been served as the President of Karachi in the year 2010-2011 and President of Sindh in the year 2011-2012.
ISF condemns th attack on Malala Yousafzai. We strongly condemn the attack on innocent Malala.Malala is an ambassador of peace and harmony. Her efforts to drive a campaign for women education are realy commendable. This attack on the innocent girl proves the cowardness of the convicts. In this difficult phase, ISF stands by the family of malala. Many of the ISF tigers have been protesting against this cruel act of brutality and will and continue to do so untill she receives justice. we hope that  her wounds would soon be healed  and she will continue her battle from where she left. May she get well very soon.
Karachi (10 Oct, 2012): President ISF Karachi Mr. Umair Ahmed Khan has strongly condemn the coward attack on "Malala Yusufzai" leaving her critically injured. He said such acts of terrorism are  clear violation of Human Rights but Government of Pakistan is unable to stop this.
Islamabad (5 Oct, 2012): ISF & a group of American anti-war activists visited Islamabad’s Business centers to aware public to join a march into the country’s tribal belt to protest US drone strikes in the northwestern region
  ISF District Gujranwala conducted a massive protest under the leadership of Kashif mirza against Jewish movie on 21 Sep at gondlawala chowk.   Large numbers of ISF tigers participated in this protest and condemned movie in harsh words.   District leadership of ISF Gujranwala including AZM Arif, Saud Javed, Usman Chohaan, Saad Irfani, Ali Khan, Suleman Yousaf, Rana Muaz, Omer Virk, Yasir Arafat, Touqeer Asghar and further members demanded immediate ban on the movie.   They asked UN to arrest the producers and actors and others crew of the movie. So, it will be a lesson and warning for all not to do this ever again.
Islamabad: President Insaf Students Federation (ISF) Farrukh Habib has strongly condemned the defamatory film targeting Islam.
    Today ISF Lahore recorded their protest against the anti Islam movie in front of Lahore US consulate. The protest was lead by Gulraiz Iqbal president ISF Lahore along with many Isf tigers. Protesters along with banners today came at front of US consulate under leadership of Gulrai Iqbal to condemn the anti islam movie. In his statement gulraiz iqbal described the short film as "miserable" and "criminal" act, ISF will not tolerate any type of misconduct against our Holy Prophet (PBUH).Over all the protest ended in a peaceful manner     
Islamabad (15 Sept, 2012): Current government setup has failed to deliver, it misuses the word democracy. PTI will prove to be true democratic party by holding intra-party elections.
Karachi (15 Sept, 2012): Insaf Students Federation Karachi  recorded a protest against the Ant-Islamic film ‘Innocence of Muslims’ in front of Karachi Press Club on Saturday 
Organizer Karachi Division Fazal Malik leading ISF Karachi delegation along with Umair Ahmed Khan, Naveed Afridi, Shahnawaz Durani and Tahir to Mazar-e-Qaid on 64th Death Anniversary Of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah to offer fatiha.
Lahore: Insaf Students Federation Punjab Secretary General Waqas Iftikhar Butt said that no one can halt efforts for Chairman Imran Khan Change Slogan as students are with him.
Islamabad (3 September, 2012): ISF Islamabad warmly welcomed all the freshmen of the capital. President, Sajjad Fayyaz Khan said that we are planning to organize various academic & recreational events in the coming months for the freshmen.
Lahore: President ISF Farrukh Habib and Secretary General ISF-Punjab Waqas Iftikhar Butt said that youth already has reached to ground for change mission.
Faisalabad: ISF City Faisalabad celebrate Yom e Azadi as Yom e Farog e Pakistaniat. ISF workers distributed national flags among people and children at Abdullah Pur.
Islamabad (12 August, 2012): Sajjad Fayyaz Khan, President ISF-Islamabad said that as young people, we must realize that we are the ones who will be afftected by todays decisions. We must learn from yesterday, challenge todays world and build a better Pakistan.
SARGODHA : A peaceful protest was orgainzed by the Insaf Students Federation Sargodha against the masscare of Muslims in Burma. Mr.Mansoor Hayat led the protest and condemned the brutality against Muslims in Burma. He appealed United Nations and Government of Pakistan to put diplomatic pressure against Govt of Burma. Distt. President Mr. Mahar Ubaid, Senior Vice President Mr. Zohaib Shah and Head Social Media Mr. Ahmed Ali Warraich were also present at the protest.
July 18 2012 Muzaffarabad: Mr. Dilawar was murdered by unknown persons in Karachi while being engaged in PTI membership drive. The ceremony initiated after Fateha for Dilawar in which each speaker reflected Dilawars dedicated efforts for change.

Meeting Of ISF Sargodha Tigers

Thursday, 05 July 2012 14:20 | READ MORE
SARGODHA : In a meeting, President ISF Sargodha Mr. Mansoor Hayat Lak addressed the youth and the ISF Tigers. He motivated them to work even harder to bring a real change in Pakistan. His speech had inspired many younsters. District Organizer PTI Mr. Ishfaq Gujar, District Organiser Youth Wing Mr. Rao Mudassar, Steering Committee Head North Punjab BRIG. Tipu Hassan Paracha, Major Asghar Kalayar, Col. Minhas, Majid Basra, Asghar Larhi, Muhammad Khan Jaspal and Mr. Sadaqat Abbasi were present at the ISF Secretariat. All the wings appreciated the work done by ISF Sargodha.
SARGODHA : After watching the overwhelming response of the people of Sargodha at the PTI membership camps, the status quo parties are desperately willing to create hurdles in our way. Punjab Govt. pressurised the Sargodha police to arrest the ISF Tigers for no serious reason. Once again the government in Punjab has adopted cheap tactics to stop the immensely growing influence of ISF and PTI.    
Meeting of ISF Faisalabad held, on-going activities discussed and future events planned.