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Islamabad (6th December, 2012): The Insaf Students Federation (ISF) took out a rally on Thursday from National Press Club to D-Chowk to lodge its protest against the federal government’s illegal intervention into the affairs of the Higher Education Commission   (HEC). 
 Islamabad (3 Dec, 2012): Insaf Students Federation will train 2  Million youth volunteers for Election Campaign 
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Lahore: ISF Central President Farrukh Habib said that Yaum-e-Ashur remindes us the bravery and sacrifice of Hazrat Imam Hussain faught and proved that a true muslim never steps back on the honour and degnity of religion. In a message on occasion of Ashura, he said many years ago on today’s honourlabe day, grandson of Great Prophet (PBUH) ambraced martyrdom in Karbala for glory of Islam.   The tragedy of Karbala enlightened the Muslims and taught us how a handful of people with their determination and commitment to truth changed the course of History. Let us promise that we will always fight against Yazeediat. He said, I would like to advise ISF tigers that they should follow Hazrat Imams footsteps of tolerance and peace but when it comes to faith and values, dont step back. Always fight with bravery against evil and Kufar. General Secretary ISF Alamgir Mehsood, Ehsan Naveed, Sajjad Fayyaz, Naveed Mengal, Zubair Sabir, Arsalan Ghumman, Waqas Iftikhar, Umair Shaukat further added that we would stress upon all Muslims to change their lives and deeds according to Muhammad (S.A.W) and Hussaniat.
Islamabad (14 Nov, 2012): Chairman PTI, Mr. Imran Khan said in his message on the 5th foundation day of ISF that ISF workers are truly change carrier. 
Karachi: Admissions of 2012-2013 were held in Dawood Engineering College of Technical (DECT) on 18th of November, 2012, where ISF Karachi organized a helpdesk for the guidance of the students.  A large number of students declared their affiliation with Insaf Students Federation. 
Islamabad (21 Nov, 2012): ISF Islamabad President Chaudhry Arslan said in his statement issued from media cell that opposing parties now using youth in their political events is the proof of PTI success. 
Protest of ISF Lahore against attacks on Gaza
ISF Bhawalnagar Celebrated 5th anniversary of ISF in presence of ISF Punjab President Muhammad Usman M.Usman said that today on this momentous occasion of celebrating ISF’s 5th Birthday we would like to thank all Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf workers for their continuous support and encouragement. We hope that they will continue to do so in future. It was this day that ISF was founded by few patriotic and enthusiastic youngsters in the presence of Imran Khan. Since then ISF has become one of the biggest youth led political organization in the country. We believe in Justice, Knowledge and Patience as a guiding principle for the youth of Pakistan and pay homage to all our youngsters who follow it. May Allah Bless Youth of Pakistan with opportunity to save and lead Pakistan to new heights! Ameen!

ISF Bhawalpur celebrated Youm-e-Tabdili

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ISF Tigers at Bhawalpur celebrated the 5th anniversary of ISF as Youm-e-Tabdili at Bhawalpur by cake cutting ceremony . ISF Punjab President M.Usman , ISF V.P Punjab saqib Sindhu were present at the ceremony. ISF Punjab President said that it is due to your hard work that ISF has risen from a small group to a national organization with thousands of members,We are very close to our goal.The coming months demand greater effort & commitment. InshAllah if we stay united & hopeful we will succeed.Time has come for the final battle. Get ready to create a new Pakistan.
ISF Lahore today celebrated Youm-e-Tabdili (5th Anniversary of ISF) Cake cutting ceremony was held where Gulraiz Iqbal(President ISF Lahore), Rana Jhanzaib(General Secretary), Waqas Iftikhar(Central Information Secretary ISF), Umair shaukat (Central Social Media Head),Yasir Khan Suri (ISF Punjab Social Media Head) Writer and columnist Tofique butt, Malik Waqar, any many others Office Bearers from different Educational Institutions and Constituencies were also present.ISF - Insaf Student Federation Lahore celebrated Youm-e-Tabdili with full spirit and Passion,Gulraiz Iqbal said that We have strong faith and believe that next year will be the year of Change InshAllah and ISF role in upcoming elections would be as important as Students Organizations roles in Pakistans independence.ISF under the leadership of Imran Khan will eliminate the corrupt mafia and make it Pakistan of Iqbal and Jinnah
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Brave act by ISF Faisalabad.

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Faisalabad: University of Agriculture Faisalabad president Hashim with his team entered in Laptop distribution ceremony with ISF Flags and Caps to receive Laptop in Agriculture University of Faisalabad by PMLN. University management tried to stop them and ISF workers were thrown out of ceremony by force. ISF UAF team showed great courage. ISF Faisalabad General Secretary Rai Abdul Rauf visited UAF and encouraged ISF UAF Team for their brave act. He also stated that act of UAF management is condemn-able and ISF will agitate and respond strongly if any action taken against ISF UAF team.

ISF Lahore celebrated Malala Day.

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ISF Lahore celebrated Iqbal Day

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Insaf Student Federation Punjab’s president Usman says that the government seems uninterested in solving teacher’s problems. The so called Khadim-e-Alla Shahbaz Shareef will take notice only when the teachers will be on the roads and the students would miss out on their classes. President ISF Usman said that Chairman Imran Khan would revolutionize the education system. PTI would allocate 5% of the fiscal budget to the education sector and would tailor the education policy just like they brought the youth policy into shape. He said that PTI would not only give 25% of tickets to the youth but will also bear the cost of election for them.
ISF demands the U.S officials to apologies on unboarding Imran Khan at Toronto airport.Central Leaders including Farrukh Habib (ISF Central President), Alamgir Khan (General Secretary), Ehsan Naveed, Arslan Ghumman, Waqas Iftikhar, Umair Shaukat, Zubair Sabir and Naveed Mengal have protested on unboarding of Mr. Imran Khan and have demanded the U.S officials to apologies on this act. Farrukh Habib has stated that Imran Khans stance on drone is absolutely clear. No one has the right to humiliate a national hero. ISF strongly condemns this act and demands the U.S official’s apology.Mahreen Ali,Web Manager Punjab
  The Election Comission of Pakistan celebrated Voters Day. This day was celebrated to create  awareness about the importance of votes.   ISF supports this cause fully.It believes that change in Pakistan can only come through the exercise of voting rights. Awareness on this issue needs to be created as turnout in the previous elections was a painfull 45%. ISF believs that the next elections could prove to be a turning for Pakistan and in order  to ensure this, people must realise the value of their votes.