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 Insaf student federation sargodha held a protest against nato forces attack at pakistan border.district organizer Mahr Mansoor Hayat Lak condemned these attacks and appealed the running government to get out of this war immediately.As Pakistan has lost approximately 40,000 men in this war which is not in the interest of pakistan.
 ISF Lahore held a protest at Feroz Pur Road against the NATO firing at the Pakistani border check-post, which was lead by General secretary Lahore ISF Saqib Sindho and President ISF F.C collage Faisal Niazi The protesters expressed anger at the violation of Pakistani sovereignty and demanded the corrupt Pakistani Government to exit its support for the unjust War on Terror. The protesters included big numbers of students. Addressing the protest, Saqib Sindho said that the incident is a clear violation of all international laws and is a result of the unpopular policies of Pakistani Government that is subservient to its American masters. He added that time has come when youth must stand together in order to defend Pakistan and for that cause we are ready to sacrifice our life too.
Nowshera(  ) Ex-PSF Nowshera president Mr.Arsalan joins Insaf Student Federation
 ISF Punjab strongly condemn on the strongest terms the Nato/Isaf attack on the Pakistani post. In which  up to 28 troops had been killed and 15 wounded in the attack on the Salala checkpoint, about 2.5 kilometres from the Afghan border. Time had come for the government to pull out of this inhuman conflict and initiate a purposeful dialogue to bring peace to the country and the region. Pakistan’s continued involvement in this war would only produce more militancy and destruction.
ISF District Hafizabad staged a protest agaist Memo scandal and NRO in hafizabad which was Led by ISF Gujranwala Co ordinatore and ex President ISF Hafizabad Yasin Hargun
22 Nov, 2011: The ceremony received a huge turn-out by the enthusiastic members of ISF Islamabad.Mr. Murad Saeed(ISF KPK Former President & Provincial Secretary KPK Youth Wing) shed some light on the origination of ISF and discussed the journey of ISF from 2007 till date. He also advised the members to adopt a ‘culture of discipline’.

ISF Punjab convention at Sargodha.

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ISF Pakistan Organizer Hasan Niazi ,ISF Punjab President Farrukh Habib ,General.Secretary Waqas butt, Head of Social Media ISF Punjab Umair Shaukat attended the convention. ISF President Sargodha Mansoor Mehar hosted Isf convention at sSargodha .The convention got very good response of students. ISF Sargodha gave impressive reception to ISF Punjab team.

Membership camp held by ISF Sargodha .

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 Isf Sargodha held membership camp for new membership on last Friday. camp remained very successful and got much responce.
ISF membership campaign has been completed successfully in ROOTS college system I-9 and H-9 Model College by ISF NUML.Young blood participation in camp makes sure that the change will come and no one can stop this change
Nov 15, 2011: ISF Faisalabad President said that such sort of political activities are being hold to neutralize the increasing popularity of PTI but students alongwith masses will reject these corrupt politicians.
On the instructions of ISF punjab President Furrukh habib protests arranged in various districts of punjab.Lahore,multan and sargodha also protested aginst the facist acts of Pukhtoon students federation.
Insaf Student Federation condemns Yellow Cab Scheme by Punjab GOVT. as it was proved flop project in past.
 President Punjab MR Farukh Habib gave the ending speech in which he congrats Lahore team for hosting Punjab meeting. He said that he is proud of ISF tigers of the Punjab and assured that he will provide all sort of help to promote the ISF in every districts of  Punjab. He stressed ISF representatives to develop units in every college and university of Punjab. He said that ISF will play leading role in promoting the ideology of Imran khan. He assured that he will raise his voice in PTI for ISF but the discipline will not be compromised and strictly implemented because this is a key to success.

Insaf Student Federation Lahore

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Insaf student Federation said  Muslim League (N) & People Party destroyed our Country. There is only one way to save Pakistan is Salvation from Muslim League (N) & People Party.
 PTI Lahore condemns the attack of IJT on membership camp of ISF. The higher leadership took strict action on the issue and asked the puppet government to stop the terrorist groups from such acts or otherwise else PTI & ISF will start protests countrywide.
Insaf Students Federation Faisalabad held a protest rally against the state sponsored escape of a US spy Raymond Davis. The rally was started from Faisalabad Press Club and reached Clock Tower moving through Katchehry Bazar, The participants were chanting slogans against federal and provincial governments, ISI and army, they burnt tyres and and and blocked Clock Tower Square. Common people joined the rally in Katchehry Bazar and expressed their emotions. After that the rally moved back towards Zilla Council raising slogans and participants scattered peacefully. The protest was lead by Mohsan Raza Malik, Engr. Zafar Hussain, Muneeb Niaz, Usman Saleem, Engr. Sabir Hussain, Rai Bilal Haider and Naseeb Sindhu.