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Balochi are our brothers and the have always been neglected by government. ISF will stand for balochi rights and this is an start to endless movement for our balochi brothers
Islamabad: ISF- Islamabad is continuously supporting the Defence of Human Rights & Public Services Pakistans protest & Dharna against enforced disappearance & extra judicial killings of Pakistan citizens
Islamabad: All the cabinet members of all universities of Islamabad were present in meeting and participated in this meeting, some important issues were discussed.
Faisalabad (12 Feb, 2012): Insaf Students Federation meeting to plan a warm welcome of Makhdom Javeed Hashmi in Faisalabad on 19 feb Sunday. It was decided in meeting that ISF Faisalabad will organize a stage at GC University Chowk. Media campaign and students coordination campaign launched under the supervision of Event management committee Talha Basharat and Ahmad Kaleem and others.
ISF Faisalabad held Notification Ceremony in which ISF Faisalabad organizer Mohsin Raza Malik and ISF city president Ch.Mubeen Safdar gave notifications along with PTI City President Ch.Lateef Nazer to ISF Faisalabad district team.
   Insaf Student Federation Girls wing met Mukhdoom Javed Hashmi today at ISF main Office. During the meeting Mr. Javed Hashmi was informed by the duties performed by girls wing for the promotion and betterment of the Federation
     ISF Punjab meeting held at Lahore .The meeting was headed by ISF Punjab President Farrukh habib. ISF Lahore President M.Usman, Head of social media ISF Punjab Malik Umair Shaukat, ISF Punjab Coordinator Zubair Butt, Advocate Mohsin Malik, Operation manager social media ISF Punjab Yasir Khan and Presidents from districts of Punjab were present on that occasion ISF Punjab President Farrukh habbib gave instructions to all presidents of different cities to complete their ISF bodies at district, institutes and at Union council  level. Also notifications for District presidents were awarded by Farrukh habib, on the occasion. Umair Shauket gave his presentation to make social media of ISF Punjab more effective with clear instructions. Zubair Butt gave presentation on all working areas of ISF.ISF Punjab meeting remained very successful and ISF Punjab did Lunch together with other district presidents. Moral of district Presidents were very high and they all promised to do their best efforts in making ISF as most well organize and strong student federation    
According to the details President ISF Hydearbad Usama Yusufzai was attacked in the area of Latifabad in which he got minor injuries.
(Ghazi) : ISF Hazara Founder & Coordinator Mr. Ehsen Naveed, along with ISF Coordinator Haripur Mr. Arafat Khan, with regional & district cabinet are mobilizing students in Ghazi.
Today ISF Sialkot President Danial Bajwan and his team Organized a successful convention in which thousands of students and isf members from Sialkot and Gujranwala division participated. Isf Punjab president Farrukh Habib and ISF Pakistan Organizer Hassan Niazi addressed the convention Presidents of ISF Narowal, Gujrat and Mandi Bahudin also participated .
 ISF Pakistan Organizer Hassan Niazi , ISF Punjab President Farrukh Habib , ISF General Secretary Waqas Iftikhar are on visit of  Okara , Khanewal , Multan , Khan Gharh and Ali purr to attend meetings and conventions of ISF Teams in South Punjab cities. Last day they visited membership camp at Okara and attended convention of ISF at Khanewal. ISF Punjab team held a press conference at Multan with President South Punjab Kamran. Today ISF team visited to meet ISF team of Khan Gharh and later in evening they attended Dinner with ISF Ali purr region and examined their past working. Over all the visit remaining very successful.
Lodhran (December 9, 2011): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Youth Wing and ISF District Lodhran took out protest rally against NATO attacks on Pakistan border on Friday. The protest rally lead by District Co-ordinator PTI  Lodhran Malik Mumtaz Muhammad Khan Joyia started from Tarar House and ended at District Press Club Lodhran. The participants of this rally were chanting sologans against America and NATO attacks.
Faisalabad: ISF Faisalabad held a training session with Famous Lawyer, columnist, Analyst Mr. Barrister Zahoor Butt.
 Sialkot - Mr. Omer Farooq Meyer President Distt Sialkot and G.Sec Zahid Saleem bajwa Inaugurated PTI’s Office in Myana Pura Sialkot, the Office opening ceremony was arranged by Sialkot Youth Wing President Shan e Haider, General Sec Youth Wing Basit Khan , Tehsil President Youth Wing Saleem Cheema, Divisional Info Sec Hassan Ali and Many Other Youthwing Tehsil Sialkot members.
 General secretary ISF Punjab Waqas iftikhar held a meeting with Isf sialkot district president Danial bajva and his team . Cause of meeting was  for planning and to over look all arrangements of up coming ISF convention at Sialkot on 18th December 1pm.  
The president ISF Punjab Farrukh Habib said Youm-e-Ashur gives the lesson of sacrifice and piety for achieving higher objectives. Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA) decided to live life as a lasting symbol of truthfulness to make the followers of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) realise that they should pursue the basic values of good character including tolerance, endurance, sacrifice, equality, justice and fairness.  
 ISF love for Pakistan to be proven with vigor, courage & strength at Imran Khan’s Jalsa with full patriotism on 15th in Khanpur said Mr. Ehsen Naveed Insaf Students Federation founding member & coordinator ISF Hazara.