Imran Khan directs ISF & YW to reach Islamabad in each situation on 14th Aug [PTI Azadi March]

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Press Release
Dated: 09-08-2014

PTI Chairman Imran Khan has advised ISF and Youth wing of KPK to breach all obstacles in their way and reach the capital on 14th August. Imran Khan met with Provincial President ISF Sohail Afridi central advisor Meena Khan Afridi, Hussain Akhunzada and other leadership of youth. Imran Khan stated that ISF and the youth are the real strength of PTI and stated that Azadi March will end the reign of tyranny. At this very moment provincial president Sajjad Fayyaz is in a meeting with party chairman Imran Khan. Central additional secretary Saifullah Khan Niazi, Insaf youth wing KP General Secretary Nasir Iqbal, Information Secretary Shams ud Din, deputy speaker Khursheed, spokesperson Liaquat Yousafzai, District President youth Sajjad Bangash and others were also present at this moment.
Imran Khan advised the youth to reach Islamabad no matter what befalls them. According to Youth President Sajjad Fayyaz hundreds of thousands of workers will reach from KPK to Islamabad to liberate the country from tyranny and said no one has the power to stop this march on the capital.

PTI chairman Imran Khan meet ISF and IYW