50 thousand ISF members will join Azadi March from KP: Sohail Afridi [PTI Azadi March]

Wednesday, 06 August 2014 17:51 | READ 3133 TIMES Written by 
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ISF provincial president Sohail Afridi has stated that over 50,000 cheetas will join the march on capital on 14th of Aug and all barriers will be crushed which come in our way. These views came while talking with students durring his visit to districts of KPK. Sohail Afridi confirmed that 16,000 workers from Malakand Region, 10,000 workers from south region, 20,000 workers from Peshawar region and 15,000 cheetas of ISF from Hazara Region will participate in the Azadi March. He said the students of the province are motivated and determined to participate in Azadi March and all of them are in favour of staying in Islamabad till acceptance of their demands. He said that a new and prosperous Pakistan is not far ahead and ISF workers will participate in the March without concern for their lives. He stated that because of Imran Khan’s call, we have decided to hold our protest untill the kingdom of Sharrif family is destroyed and true democracy is established in Pakistan. He further mentioned that ISF cannot be stopped by miscreants like Gullu Bhat and any one who tries to stop the march will be delt with iron hands. ISF president further stated that the student leadership have completed their tours of Malakand and southern regions whereas today the meeting of Peshawar region will be held in University of Peshawar.

50000 ISF cheetahs will participate in Azadi March