PTI Karachi Press Release (5 Nov,2015)

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PTI Karachi Press Release (4 Nov,2015)

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PTI Karachi Organizer: PTI Karachi is unified and ready to fight upcoming local body election Karachi, Pakistan – October 29, 2015 – During a press conference held at Insaf House on Thursday, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Karachi Organizer Ali Zaidi strongly affirmed unity within PTI Karachi leadership and dispelled the disinformation and rumours to the contrary recently circulating in some newspapers.
Candidates list for Local Bodies Elections in Karachi
Karachi, Pakistan – October 14, 2015 –While addressing members of the media on Wednesday at the Office of the Deputy Commissioner District East, PTI Karachi Organizer Ali Zaidi emphatically stated that PTI will put up a strong fight in Karachi in the upcoming local body election.
Karachi, Pakistan – October 5, 2015 –PTI Karachi OrganizerAli Zaidi expressed reservations over a possible acquisition of Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM) by the Sindh government. “First of all, the federal government should clarify what it wants to do with Pakistan Steel Mills, does it want to privatize it or sell it to the Sindh government? Secondly, if we assume that media reports are accurate that the federal government is offering it to the Sindh government for purchase, will this transaction be discussed in the Council of Common Interest to seek approval from the remaining provinces as PSM is considered a national asset?

PTI Karachi Press Release (30 Sep,2015)

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