(Lahore) One of the founder member of PPP and well known personalities of PMLN joins PTI. New comers truly believe that only Imran Khan is trustworthy politician in the country who is sincere to the people with out any self interests.
Pakistan Tehreek I Insaf vehemently condemns the passage of a resolution against the media in the Punjab Assembly and considers this exercise as a mere ploy to deflect public attention from critical national issues like terrorism especially the reprehensible attack on the Data sahib shrine. Despite this grand exercise of public obfuscation, the rulers stand badly exposed. Shahbaz Sharif’s grandstanding on this affair cuts little ice as its him and his cronies who have been ignominiously thwarted and ever since have been lying incessantly to control the damage.
 Imran khans latest interview in Khabrain Magzine, 4th July 2010
Lahore: PP160 election brought the best out of PTI by securing around 19400 votes and second position behind PMLN.
Addressing a press conference at the PTI office Lahore, Mr Imran Khan, Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf , exposed the rigging plan of PML-N government in connivance with the provincial election commission for by-elections of PP-160 scheduled to be held on June 24, 2010.
PESHAWAR: Secretary information KPk Saad Abdullah has said that the cowardly attacks on PTI workers and offices by PML(n) goons show that Nawaz league is really sacred of losing on its own home ground in pp 160 Lahore and thats why they have stooped to such low level.