14 May, 2011 : PTI Central Info Sec Mr Omer Cheema expressed his reaction on todays Press Confrence of Mian Nawaz Sharif and Criticized his dual Standard Policy against DRONE and NATO Supply Issue.
 Multan (05 May,2011) : Imran khan met with  Javed Hashmi on his residence in Multan and pay special  thanks on his participation in PTI Dharna at Peshawar.
Lahore 21st April, Pakistan Tehreek I Insaf Women’s Wing attended the death anniversary of the country’s most respected philosopher/poet at a  function held  at Awan I Iqbal where Chairman Imran Khan addressed the audience to resounding applause and a standing ovation.
LAHORE: Chief of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan Thursday said elimination of terrorism, corruption and supremacy of law and order could be ensured in just 90 days only if the leadership was sincere and then no one could stop investment from flowing in, Geo News reported. He expressed these views while addressing a seminar of International Federation of Medical Students here.
Insaf Students Federation has launched country-wide protest against the killing of ISF Mardan Office bearer.
ISF President Hasaan Niazi and General Secretary Farrukh Habib said people from all walks of life had been invited to participate in PTI sit-in against the NATO supplies. They said to save the country there was a need to end American interference in Pakistan.

PTI Chakwal held protest rally

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PTI Chakwal held a protest against the release of American CIA agent and murderer of three innocent Pakistanis. District Chakwal Organizer(DCO) Malik Shahid Iqbal led the protests rally and hundred of people gatherd to record their protest.
 ISLAMABAD: Chairmans media advisor Zahid Kazmi responded to the bogus questionnaires by PML (N). Speaking to the press conference Zaihd Kazmi said that PTI represented the voice of the people of Pakistan on Raymond Davis issue whereas PML (N) compromised on soverignity of Pakistan because of their foreign assets.
 March 19, 2011 : PTI Lahore stages hunger strike outside Punjab assembly today. Participants demanded from govt to quit Pro-American Policies . President PTI Punjab Mr Ahsan Rasheed said that current rulers proved themselves more coward than Musharaf 
The ISF held demos at Muslim Town near the FC College, the Punjab University and near the University of Lahore in which hundreds of students participated. Addressing the protestors, ISF President Hassan Niazi and Secretary General Farrukh Habib said that Davis was not only the culprit of two families rather he had committed crime against the entire Pakistani nation.
LAHORE: ISF Lahore president Hassan Niazi and Sec general Farrukh Habib said young doctor’s agitation for their rights exposed so called good governance of Shebaz sharif. They further maintained that the brain drain of doctors from the country due negligence of government of Punjab towards the demands of doctors.
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Women Wing Sheikhapura District’s representative Humaira Ali Kazmi was formerly notified as the District Organsier Sheikhupura and commended for her work as she had organized the wing at the district level and has inducted office bearers who have begun working in the area.
 Chairman Imran Khan speaking to the Sheikhupara bar said reveleation by NADRA regarding bogus voters list proved Elections under Musharraf were the biggest fraud in history
LAHORE: Central Info Sec PTI Omer Sarfaraz Cheema has said PTI has decided to file a petition to declare Elections 2008 as illegitimate on the basis of 37.2million bogus voters list.