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PTI will aggressively participate in local body elections; planned to reach masses in NA56

Protest By ISF Rawalpindi

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RAWALPINDI : ISF has Protested against the killing of innocent Muslim of Burma in front of Rawalpindi Press Club. This Protest was held under the leadership of ISF Rawalpindi District President Mr.K Asif Ahmad and ISF Rawalpindi Core Team Members. PTI Women Wings ladies including Mam Fauzia Kasuri also participated in the Protest. ISF girls wing was represented by ISF Rawalpindi District Girls President Sidra Akhtar and her Core Team.
RAWALPINDI : Meeting of ISF Rawalpindi was held in the ISF Distt. office under the presidency of Mr. K. Asif Ahmad in was held in which Mr. M Aizaz Anwar was nominated as the Head of Social Media Rawalpindi, Mr. Junaid Zahur was nominated for Information Secretary and Mr. CH Zulqarnain was nominated for Deputy Information Secretary of ISF Rawalpindi District.In this meeting ISF Rawalpindi Vice President Mr. Raja Shahbaz, Gen. Sec. Mr. M Furqan and other active members including Mr. Jawad Tariq, Mr. Dawar Khan, Mr. Musa, Mr. Aftab Khan, Mr. Rehman and Mr. Abdul Rehman participated.
RAWALPINDI : Insaf Students Federation Rawalpindi District Central Office will be opened. All Member of All Consequences will be Welcomed at the office From Evening 5pm to 8 pm At Chandni Choke Afzal Hospital. District Official will be present there in these timings. New active members will be prescribed. Information and Social Media Desk will perform in this time at the office.
RAWALPINDI : It is rightly said that ISF is the backbone of PTI. ISF Rawalpindi Female Wing have proved this right by displaying remarkable dedication to the cause!     In the recent membership drive, the female wing under the leadership of President Sidra Akhtar enrolled 3000 female and 125 male members in a door-to-door campaign, within a week. The passion and zeal of the girls was worth-watching.     Gen. Sec. Female Wing Sadia Afzal , Info Sec. Laraib Yousaf, Rubab Shah, Hira, Habiba, Komal , Irum Arif, Noor-e-Hira, Beenish and Anum Khan were also instrumental in this awe-inspiring success.        

Meeting Of ISF Rawalpindi

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RAWALPINDI : ISF Rawalpindi District Cabinet Meeting was held at the District Central Office Murree Road Chandi Choke Rawalpindi. Meeting was headed By Distt. President Mr. K Asif. Gen. Sec. Mr. M. Furqan, Vice President Mr. Raja Shehbaz, Media Sec. Mr. Jawad Tariq and other active members of the city were also present.
ISF Rawalpindi female team had made history for students federations in Pakistan.An official notification ceremony was aranged by ISF Girls Wing Rawalpindi.At the occasion, members of 3 Union Council Cabinets, City Cabinet and District Cabinet were notified by K Asif Ahmad , M Furqaan and Sidra Akhtar.
PTI Rawalpindi Jalsa Live updates: Chairman Imran Khan reaches Jalsa Gah
  ISF Rawalpindi executive council meeting was chaired by ISF Punjab President Farrukh Habib. ISF will launch its membership drive in Rawalpindi on 21st May InshAllah. Different committees have been formed for this purpose. ISF boys and girls will put all their energies and will go door to door for membership drive. ISF tigers have also decided to fully participate in the 27th May Liaqat Bagh jalsa and to make it a real historic one.  

Live Updates: Gujar Khan Jalsa

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    PTI North Punjab Newsletter (Oct-Nov 2011)  
  Today ISF RawalPindi President and his team Organized a successful convention in which hundreds of students and isf members from Rawalpindi division participated. Isf Punjab president Farrukh Habib and Hassan Niazi , Dr.shireen mazari and defence of human rights chair person Amna janjua addressed the convention .  
ISF Punjab President Farrukh Habib made it clear in a press conference last day at rawalpindi press club that if Punjab Gov. will not allow us to do our convention in Al-hamra Art Council on 20 dec Tuesday..the we will record our protest and stage our convention on Murree road. Punjab Gov. is afraid of the growing power of ISF all over the Punjab and is using delaying tactics to fail our program in Rawalpindi but we will not let it happen.       Social Media Isf Punjab. 
    PTI North Punjab Newsletter (Aug-Sept 2011)  
 ISF district RWP organized a membership camp on 18th october 2011 at 6th road infront of alladin fun house. Alhumdulillah around 1 thousand students get registered in that camp.
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