PTI Punjab flays PML-N for pre-poll rigging in PP-136 (May 15, 2014)

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PTI Punjab President Ejaz Ahmed Chaudhry said that the PML-N government is addicted to rigging and despite all cases proving their rigging fraud they are still determined to rig every election. He said that he had come to Narowal on the request of the local PTI organization as they were facing a lot of difficulties in carrying out their election campaign while the government was continuously harassing and using the machinery for the PML-N candidate campaign. He said that the PML-N government was now so scared and afraid that there election fraud will be exposed that thy where now desperate to feel off all ways of ensuring a rigged election in the favor of their candidate. He said that the 11th may protest had shown the whole county that how people of Pakistan had rejected elections of 2013 and how even after 1 year they had come out on the streets to demand for this rigging to be exposed and elections reforms to take place. He said that the Saad Safique and Rana Sana ullah were under so much pressure that they had no idea what they were saying and most of the statements are self contradictory. He said that the on the 20th Chairman Imran Khan will come for a jalsa in narowal and people will see how much support PTI has in this city and would know that these elections are almost to be in the favor of candidate if they are free and fair. He warned the government that if the pre poll rigging was not stopped PTI would carry out a huge protest against the government in Naorwal.

PTI General Secretary Punjab Dr. Yasmin Rashid said that Faisalabad protest on the 25th will another example of how sick and frustrated the people of Pakistan were with the lies and deception of PML-N. She said that the Faisalabad had voted against pml-n in the election held over here six months ago and had already proven to the government that despite all their rigging people were desperate to get rid of the government that had defaulted on all its promises.

PTI Secretary Information Punjab Andleeb Abbas said that the Faisalabad rally will be a protest of the people against the government policy especially in the city of Faisalabad the Manchester of Pakistan had turned into a ruined city due to lack of electricity and gas causing major shutdown in the industry. She said that the Faisalabad being the exporting hub of textile had become a victim of the Ishaq Dollar wrong policies which had robbed the exporter of 80billion rupees. She said on the 25th the industry workers and the ordinary public will raise their voice in massive number against this injustices.

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