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Imran Khan today condemned the Badshahat style of governance that has been the hallmark of Nawaz Sharif’s rule every time he has come to power.  Sheltering behind a facade of democracy, Sharif’s sole purpose while being in power has been personal aggrandisement and the building up of his business empire.
Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Chairman Imran Khan along with CM KPK Pervaiz Khattak has formally inaugurated the Hayatabad Sports Complex in an attempt to provide healthy and recreational oppourtunities to the youth of the province.

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PTI senior leader and MNA Asad Umar has said that India has to realize that their brutal repression of the demand for freedom amongst Kashmiris will result in reactions from the oppressed population like the Urri attack. He said that no matter how much saber rattling is done by the Modi government against Pakistan it will not defuse the totally indigenous uprising against the brutal Indian repression in Kashmir.

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Imran Khan, Chairman PTI, today expressed serious concern over the brazen political interference from the Prime Minister himself in police matters in Sindh. 

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