National (1928)

Mr Khan compared the Prime Minister’s remarks to the American attitude to Vietnam and its neighbour Cambodia during the conflict there.
PTI Chairman Imran Khan has said that corrupt politicans wont allow judicary and media to be free. While to talking at workers convention at...
PTIs PP160 candidate for by-election said that people should vot for a change on 24 June and donot come into trap of Nawaz Sharif
Secretary Information (KPk) Saad Abdullah has said that Samar Ali khan’s brutal beating by the hands of Zulfiqar mirza and his guards shows the feudal mind set of an interior minister who would settle his personal score with body by physically attacking him.
PTI khyber Pukhtunkhwa establishes Parliamentary board for for up coming By-elections in PF-69 Tank. The board consists of Provincial President Asad Qaiser , General secretary Shah Farman and
The terror situation in Pakistan is getting worse every year.  If number of killings and suicide bombings are any indicator then all statements by politicians and government functionaries that this is the last stand of the terrorists is based more on hope than on reality. Mr. Imran Khan offered to negotiate peace much before the Americans started to talk to the Taliban in Afghanistan, but our very own indigenous pro ‘War-on-Terror’ lobby accused him of being a Taliban sympathizer.  The imported logic says that ‘you are either with us or against us’.
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