PTI Chairman’s Press Statement (26 Nov, 2016)

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PTI, Imran Khan, today expressed serious concern over the state of total disarray in the government’s foreign and security policy, which is leading to increasing Indian bellicosity and aggression especially along the Line of Control and Working Boundary.

The Chairman said his concern about the state of affairs in this context had compelled him to write a letter to the UN Secretary General demanding action against Indian aggression against Pakistan and against the Kashmiris in Indian Occupied Kashmir. Khan stated he had demanded the UN SG to take the following action:

One: calI on India to immediately stop its military attacks along the Line of Control and Working Boundary;
Two: demand India immediately allow UNMOGIP Observers on the Indian side of the Line of Control;
Three: demand India allow UN Human Rights Observers into Indian Occupied Kashmir;
Four: call an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council under Chapter VII to act against the increasing threat to regional peace and security presented by India's military aggression against Pakistan.
Khan regretted that since coming to power, PM Nawaz Sharif had pushed a personalized agenda towards the Modi government ignoring the latter’s aggressive tone and tenor towards Pakistan since the inauguration of Modi as Prime Minister. Khan pointed out that beginning with PM Nawaz Sharif’s visit to New Delhi for Modi’s inauguration right up to the present, PM Sharif has chosen to ignore the increasing military aggression and politico-diplomatic bellicosity from India towards Pakistan. At the inaugural Sharif became the first Pakistani PM to refuse a meeting with the APHC leadership while finding time to meet Indian businessmen for personal family business. Since then, PM Sharif has hosted Modi and his security officials as his personal guests as India has sought to move against Pakistan diplomatically and militarily. Indian journalist Bharka Dutt also pointed to the fact that Sharif secretly kept reaching out to Modi even as Pakistan suffered attacks by the Indian military and by hostile Indian diplomatic moves.
Chairman Imran Khan condemned what he said was clearly a policy of appeasement towards the Modi government, which had led the latter to target Pakistan with impunity. The stage had now been reached when India had violated all norms of international law, including laws of war, by targeting civilians and an ambulance in firing across the Line of Control. Yet, Khan stated, it was incomprehensible as to why the PMLN government had not called an emergency session of the UN Security Council under Chapter VII – citing India’s threats to regional peace and security.
Khan said while Sharif was busy maintaining his business and personal friendship with Indian businessmen and PM Modi, the PMLN civilian government was totally engrossed in salvaging the Sharif family from the scandal of the Panama Papers revelations to the exclusion of all other state business. The refusal to appoint a Foreign Minister had added to the chaos in foreign policy. As a result the nation had been left defenceless to face increasing Indian aggression and the Kashmiris plight in Occupied Kashmir, at the hands of the Indian army’s brutal repression, has found no effective advocacy by the PMLN government.
Khan concluded that India should not mistake Nawaz Sharif’s appeasement as reflective of the nation. The dangerous game being played by India against its nuclear neighbour was a recipe for disaster for the people of both countries. India has to realise that Pakistan and India have a common interest in maintaining peace in the region by moving towards conflict resolution and stability so that grave social issues like poverty can be tackled effectively. Military adventurism and a game of brinkmanship is not an option within the nuclear environment of the subcontinent.
--- Through Chairman’s spokesperson