Chairman PTI Imran Khan's Press Conference (17 Nov, 2016)

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ISLAMABAD: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan has said that after a long struggle his party has managed to bring chief executive of the country to the court of law where he is being questioned about his deeds. “I am pleased at the way proceedings of the court are being conducted and hence optimistic about its potential outcome”, he said adding that boycotting the proceedings of joint sitting of the parliament should in no means be comprehended as an opposition to the Turkish President. It was, according to him to mark protest against the premier who lacks moral legitimacy to lead the House as had been caught red-handed in grafting, money-laundering, concealment of assets and misleading the nations.
Addressing an important press conference here at Banigala, PTI chairman said it is heartening to see that the jury is trying to conduct the proceedings of the case at fast track. Calling the case as “the only case in the history of the country” he pointed out many gaps and contradictions in the statements given by Shareef family individuals. Even the jury, he added has noticed contradictions therefore, it was too early to draw a conclusion regarding the outcome of the case.
Statement of Qatri Prince, according to him adds new aspects to the case for which more time and attention is required to get to the bottom. Coming hard upon ruling party ministers, Chairman PTI asserted that in a democratic state, ministers are responsible for defending the government policies however a lot of ministers seems hell bent upon defending even illegal and unlawful deeds of the Prime Minister and his family. Pakistan, he pointed out is far from having democracy as ministers here feel pride in serving the interests of the ruling family instead of the state.
In his talk Chairman PTI has categorically rejected government propaganda over boycotting joint sitting of the parliament by stating that relation between Pakistan and Turkey are deeply rooted and people of the two countries are linked with an unbreakable bond even before the inception of Pakistan. The only purpose behind moving away from the parliament, he explained was to reinforce that Nawaz Sharif lacks legitimacy to keep functioning as the Chief Executives of the country after caught red-handed in a range of offenses. In addition, the people of KPK as well as their representatives are enraged over brutalities unleashed by the federal government on Chief Minister, his cabinet and their peaceful associates at the eve of October 31.
Responding to a question regarding evidences against NS and family submitted in the apex court, Chairman PTI stated that his legal team has plenty of proofs regarding corruption, money laundering and other offenses committed by NS and his family members however they will be brought forward before jury along the flow of the proceedings.
To a question regarding his planned departure to UK, Chairman PTI told journalists that his visit was private in nature and primary objective of his trip was to meet his children.

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