PTI decides not to accept PML-N govt Article 245 calling the army in capital [26 July, 2014]

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PTI Core Committee stated that it will not, under any circumstances accept the PMLN govt invoking Article 245 calling in the army in support of the federal govt in Islamabad. Therefore, if the govt has withdrawn its invocation of Article 245, it is a realpolitik decision. Democratic sitting govts do not resort to Article 245 as it effectively signals an admission of failure to govern and maintain law and order to protect the citizens. While the nation is very clear the PMLN govt has failed on all fronts, for the PMLN govt itself to concede its failure to protect the capital and its citizens and sensitive installations, is a direct admission of its failure. It is also a clear sign that the PMLN govt is, in desperation, trying to hide its rigging in May 2013 elections and PTI's expose of the same, by seeking to use Article 245.
If the PMLN govt was seeking to place the PTI's Azadi March in direct confrontation with the army, that was a dangerous tactic and also futile because PTI has always had a culture of peaceful protests and Marches. It is unethical and unacceptable for the PMLN govt to try and draw in the army into what is clearly a democratic political protest March. Also, the army is a national institution not a tool for the PMLN to use against its political opponents.
If the govt thinks of using Article 245 again for Islamabad during Aug 14, PTI reserves the right to go to the SC.
PTI's Core Committee, also pointed out that the PMLN's own Long March took place just before the Swat Operation and they then claimed it was their democratic right. No Article 245 was invoked at the time.

Press Release CC 26-7-2014