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Intra Party Election 2017 schedule announced.  
Provincial Election Commissioners notified by CEC PTI Mr Azam Khan Swati.
Urdu translation of Supreme Court Decision on Panama Case.
Mr. Azam Khan Swati is hereby notified as Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaffor the purpose of holding 2017 Intra Party Election.
BHC delegation called on PTI Central Secretary for Foreign Affairs Dr Shahzad Waseem at his residence
Islamabad, Chairman PTI Imran Khan at a dinner hosted by PTI Central Secretary for Foreign Affairs Dr Shahzad Waseem in honour of European Union Ambassadors and other dignataries.

PTI's Press Release 28-02-2017

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Strategic Studies Institute Islamabad (SSII) organised a media workshop titled “Global Strategic Environment and Pakistan” on February 25, 2017. The purpose of the workshop was to provide the audience with an insight on important issues related to the evolving global strategic environment. The participants included journalists from various media houses from Punjab.

PTI Press Release (7 Feb,2017)

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PTI's press release 31-12-2016

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Letter to Editor

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PTI Decides to hold Jalsa in different Cities on Panama Issue

PTI's press release 24-12-2016

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