Khursheed Azam (Ex- MPA) joins PTI

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Khursheed Azam (Ex-MPA, PML(N) ) from Abbottabad joins PTI with family.
Imran Khan Jalsa in Peshawar. Joining Ceremony of Yasin Khan Khalil (Ex-MPA candidate PPP). Pictures and Videos links updated
 A meeting regarding the organizational matters of Insaf Youth Wing Peshawar region held under the aegis of President Youth Wing Peshawar where newly appointed Organizers for the respective Union Council announced.
 26 September: PTI Peshawar Organizer Zafar ullah Khattak in a press release demanded to extend the date in voter registration campaign, as most of the areas are still uncovered. On the other hand, Zahid Hussain Mohmand said that America should never repeat the mistake on attacking Pakistan Territory, as it will only harm them. Pakistani Nation is fully united, he added.
 Peshawar 22 September: ISF Peshawar conducted the rally against the decision of closure of Peshawar university campus along with increase in fee structure.
Peshawar: Chairman Working Committee KPK Asad Qaisar stressed the Justice for All ideology of PTI and says, when PTI will come into power, Pakistan will be an exampulory Islamic Welfare state without any discrimination of poor and rich.
Peshawar: Insaf Youth Wing Peshawar region concluded a meeting cum aftari in PK-2 area. The meeting held under the aegis of Amjad Akbar Orakzai (President Youth Wing Peshawar Region) where the cabinet and Youth PCOs were also present. The meeting was called by the President in order to observe the preparations by Youth Wing.  Fahad Khan (GS Youth Wing Peshawar ) asked the members to present the report on their preparations with an aim to bring masses in larger amounts to the Islamabad event and persist to the traditions of youths voice. Sharjeel Khan (Finance Secretary) has also presented the report on the mass mobilization during the past week where He, along other youth members, met with the representatives of different areas of PK-1. He added that, this show will prove that Youth wing is the real representative of Pakistans Youth. Moreover, Waleed Khan (Youth PCO ) and other workers have also expressed the enthusiasm on behalf of their respective cabinets. On the eve, Majid Awan (Sec Info PK-2), Muhammad Uzair (Additional Organizer PK-2), and several other members present their views on their preparations.
 Incharge Media Cell PTI Peshawar Ihtisham Afridi and Information Secretary women wing KPK strongly condemn the brutal torture of Police on the say of Bashir Bilour. They warned government to stay away from PTI Workers otherwise, it will result in the severe resistance.
Mr. Amad(ISF Hazara President) advised the students of unity and said that ISF Lahore has set an example in protesting in favor of a genuine issue & releasing their members of ISF who got arrested in the protest. And ISF through out the country should set an example of unity and team work towards the rise of PTI & Pakistan as an Islamic Welfare State.

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