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Peshawar (September 18,2012): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Peshawar held a gigantic rally today against the defamatory movie on Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H). The rally participated by thousands of workers of PTI & Insaf Youth Wing; chanting slogans against Israel & America. 
ISF University campus peshawar arrange the camp for the new comers in University of Peshawar from 7 Aug to 27 Aug 2012.
Peshawar: Ex-City District President Peshawar Zafarullah Khattak served legal notice to Mr.Arif Yousifzai (Journalist Daily Mashriq) for misquoting him in a news report. Further to this, the lawyer of Zafar Khattak mentioned that the journalist have made certain baseless allegations on the Party leader Mr.Shoukat Yousifzai which he disowned.
Peshawar: Zahid Hussain Mohmmand addressing a press conference said that SKMH is an asset of poor people of Pakistan and it should not be targetted for political motives.
Peshawar ( ) Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Women Wing and Insaf Students Federation launches campaign "One Great Women Behind Every ISF Student" in Peshawar.
 Youth Wing Peshawar Region President said in a press conference that youth of Peshawar will show a massive gathering on 20th  May. He said this in a press conference herein peshawar press club.
 Peshawar: PTI District Peshawar held a gigantic workers convention where Saifullah Niazi (Additional Secretary General) and Provincial leaders addressed.
Zafar Khattak (President City District Peshawar) has said that thousands of workers will reach islamabad on 6th May on Chairmans call for protest.
 Peshawar: PTI City District Peshawar held a grand jalsa in Gul Abad Peshawar where hundreds of notables of the area joined PTI.
Peshawar (3 April, 2012): Family of Senator and MNA from Mohmmand agency joins PTI
Peshawar: An impressive event organized a Leadership Seminar in order to improve leadership skills among workers at grass roots.

PTI condemns drone attack in SWA

Wednesday, 14 March 2012 12:39 | READ MORE
Peshawar (13 March, 2012): PTI condemns drone attack in SWA
Peshawar (9 March, 2012): Khwaja Hoti demands ECP to remove fake votes from voter lists
Peshawar (27 Feb, 2012): Family of ANP leader Mir Azam Khan joins PTI

Dozens from UC Masho Gagar join PTI

Sunday, 26 February 2012 10:25 | READ MORE
Peshawar (26 Feb, 2012): Dozens from UC Masho Gagar join Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

Hundreds from Achini Bala join PTI

Thursday, 16 February 2012 13:22 | READ MORE
Peshawar: Hundreds from Achini Bala join PTI
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