CM KPK Talking to a Meeting of Joint Parties on CPEC

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With the compliment of Press Secretary to Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Handout No.2 Peshawar 25th April 2016

The Chief Minister Khyber Pervez Khattak has asked the federal government to come true to what it promised to the govt of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on the facilities and timely completion of western route of the CPEC. We have no objection on the central route of the CPEC. However, the federal government as promised earlier should ensure that the western route of the CPEC has all the facilities that the central route would have. He categorically stated this in a meeting on CPEC here today.
The parliamentary leaders of major parties participated. A briefing was arranged to keep the participants updated on the main-currents of CPEC, the provincial government stand and the different levels of correspondence and interactions with the federal government and the federal government pledges and commitments and the subsequent withdrawal by the federal government from the commitments and pledges made to the provincial government.
The participants of the meeting included PTI Chairman Imran Khan, Speaker provincial Assembly Asad Qaiser, Sardar Hussain Babak, ANP, Mehmood Battani, JUI, Syed Muhammad Ali Shah, PPPP, Jamat-e-Islami, InayatUllah, Senior Minister for Local government, Saleem Khan, Aneesa Zeb Tahir Kheli QWP and Minister for Labour and Intikhab Chamkani, PML (Q). Provincial Ministers Shah Farman, Muhammad Atif, Shahram Khan Tarkai, Aneesa Zeb Tahirkheli, Special Assistant’s Mushtaq Ahmad Ghani, Arif Yousaf and Abdul Karim.
The parliamentary leaders in the provincial assembly communicated their concern over the ambiguous attitude of the federal government and lamented that what signals the federal government was giving totally contradicting its earlier commitments to the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. They came out with unanimous stand to voice collectively for the rights of the province. This province paid heavily in the past and still it is at the receiving end but the federal government attitude is adding to the injuries. This province is replete with the natural resources and these resources needed to be explored and exploited for the benefit of the people. The intention of the federal government is clear that it did not want to give due rights to the province. This necessitated to form a joint forum to effectively portray the collective voice of the people because this is an issue of the people. They gave all out support to the government in this regard.
The Chief Minister welcomed the unanimous and categorical stand of the major parliamentary leaders in the provincial assembly and added that the issue of CPEC would be taken to the floor of the assembly in order to sketch out a strategy for getting the rights of the province. Chief Minister said we have a clear and candid stance on CPEC. We cannot compromise the right of the province. Unfortunately the federal government promised to the province to lay down the infrastructure and the facilities as integral part of the western route of the CPEC but later went back of what it promised to the province that is incomprehensible, he added.
The Chief Minister reminded “he can go to any extent when it comes to the rights of the province”. We have a collective and united voice for the rights of the people. He said that the collective voice of the people was a way forward to the rights of the province. He asked the federal government to match its action with its words.

25-apr25-4-2016 CM Urdu Handout CPEC briefing

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