Nation is determined to end the reign of tyranny: Atif Khan [PTI Azadi March]

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Press Release
Dated: 09-08-2014

A meeting of Peshawar region was held here at the provincial secretariat which was presided by Minister for education and President Peshawar region Atif Khan which took notice of the preparations for 14th Aug Azadi March and prepared a strategy for making the event a success in case of any unforeseen events. The meeting was attended by Peshawar Region General Secretary Fazal Khan, Senior Vice President Asim Khan, Information Secretary Wali Khan, MNA Sajid Nawaz, Trade Secretary Aurangzeb and other party officials.
While chairing the meeting, MPA Atif Khan said that citizens are determined to end the reign of tyranny by taking part in the Azadi March and they will stay in Islamabad until their demands are accepted. PTI workers will participate in the march with full strength and camps have been set up in the province which are registering people and making preparations for the march on the capital. He stated that members who came through rigging are involved in weakening the system even further and they will never work to solve the problems of Pakistan. Only true representatives of people will work to serve common citizens and make Pakistan a developed nation
General Secretary Fazal Khan advised regional members to visit all districts and reach to citizens at union council level and mobilize masses to make the event a success. He also advised members to start preparations with full rigor and include motorcycles, cars and create hype among masses to make the event a success. In another statement he said that preparations have started form the month of Ramazan but time has come to give a final shape to all our struggle and efforts. He said all obstacles will be overturned and all necessary measures will be taken to reach Islamabad and make 14th of Aug a historic event.

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